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MP4 high profile

I've got some crazy bitrate (6200+kbps) HD stuff in AVI containers (with DivX6/AC3) that I'd like to get into MP4 containers. I have VisualHub, but would like to hold on the surround sound and make the resulting MP4s fully high-profile compliant. During the transcode I might want to drop the videostream down to around 5000kbps as well to save on some space/processor power. For what it's worth, the ATV likes to stutter a lot when playing the off the AVI containers.

Anyone happen to know what VH settings to use? I only see options for mono/stereo/passthrough (doesn't reencode audio, leaves it in AC3 which requires A52 to decode.)

Apple TV (Quicktime) does not support H.264 High Profile, only parts of it using Perian 1.0 or NitoTv (mplayer). MP4 Container specs don't allow AC3-audio, so you should encode to AAC (LC). If your amplifier supports Dolby Pro Logic (II) you can use this format to store the 5.1 signal in 2.0 stereo, the amplifier can re-create 5.1 out of the stereo signal. AAC 5.1 encoding is not supported by most amplifiers yet. Perhaps you find some helpful links in Load DVD on AppleTV. --Mcka 12:34, 29 September 2007 (CEST)

i checked Load DVD on AppleTV

let's see how well Nero Recode can do the job...

ProfessaFresh 17:37, 29 September 2007 (CEST)

Let us work together

You can see we are of similar mind, truly. --Underburn 22:47, 28 February 2008 (CET)