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Now I'm in the process of installing MythBuntu on my aTV. It's already booting, so I will describe the steps I took:

  1. yank the HD from the aTV;
  2. put it in USB enclosure on my Kubuntu system;
  3. backup the HD:
     # dd if=/dev/sdb | gzip > appletvhd.gz 
  4. never forget:
     # sync; eject sdb 
  5. in my case, I wanted to upgrade to a 100G HD, too, so I put the new HD on the USB enclosure, and restored the backup:
     # zcat appletvhd.gz | dd of=/dev/sdb 
  6. compile newest version of parted (1.8.x) and remove Media partition:
     # ~/parted-1.8.x/parted/parted /dev/sdb rm 4 print 
    (fix the position of the second copy of the EFI table if asked for)
  7. put the new HD back on the aTV, make a full restore
  8. back to the USB enclosure, remove the Media partition again:
     # ~/parted-1.8.x/parted/parted /dev/sdb rm 4 print 
  9. create and name the Linux partitions (XXX is the start of the old partition sdb4):
     ~/parted-1.8.x/parted/parted /dev/sdb mkpart LinuxBoot ext2 XXX XXX+200M 
     ~/parted-1.8.x/parted/parted /dev/sdb name 4 LinuxBoot 
     ~/parted-1.8.x/parted/parted /dev/sdb mkpart LinuxSwap linux-swap XXX+200M XXX+200M+TAM_SWAP 
     ~/parted-1.8.x/parted/parted /dev/sdb name 5 LinuxSwap 
     ~/parted-1.8.x/parted/parted /dev/sdb mkpart LinuxRoot ext2 XXX+200M+TAM_SWAP 100G 
     ~/parted-1.8.x/parted/parted /dev/sdb name 6 LinuxRoot 
     mkfs.ext2 -L LinuxBoot /dev/sdb4 
     mkswap -L LinuxSwap /dev/sdb5 
     mkfs.ext3 -L LinuxRoot /dev/sdb6 
  10. I'll add the rest later...