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Source Code?

I was just wondering if you had plans to release your source code? I know currently it requires hardcoding of values, but that is at least enough for me (and I am sure others) to get some files playing on our AppleTV. I appreciate your efforts here. - Kupan787 March 28th, 3:31 PM PDT

Source Code

The source code is here: I make no promises it can even be built or will run. See the included README.txt for more details, but otherwise don't expect too much.

This is absolutely not a model Cocoa app.

nfs mount

Hi Thanks for the great plugin. Works great when i mount my macbook movie folder under Users/frontrow/movies/macbook

When I select the "File" from apple TV, it will show me the files in Users/frontrow/movies/ as well as the nfs mount "macbook"

However, if I close my macbook or if the macbook is not at the house. The interface hangs if I select "File". I think the application is looking for "macbook". Is it possible to a the plugin look for the nfs mounts for 10 secs... then timeout if the nfs is present and just show the files in the Users/frontrow/movies/ directory?