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Who is xPRimNT?

I'm not much up on the programming side of the ATV hacks, but I'm 100% thankful of what they have enabled me to do.

Thanks to all of the work here, I've been running a gorgeous little AppleTV-wannabe under my TV, while still retaining the full Mac Mini potential.

Even my newly created site runs off of the tips located on this wiki

xPRimNT? Real creative. I can smack my head against the keyboard too...

Yes, I apologize that my "Internet Alias" appears to be a random selection of letters, quite similar to the linkspam users. They aren't really random, of course, and hold meaning for me. It was derived from "Experiment", and it eventually lost the E's. Why? Not really sure, but it looks cooler. Since I've had it since forever, I'm not changing!

A plea to any and all users that browse the Recent Changes...

The linkspam has gotten to a level in which it is very easy to miss a page of spam. When reverting to previous versions of many pages, make sure you don't miss any!

If people look at the Recent Changes and see that a number of pages have been spammed and then reverted, one assumes that all have been reverted. That's really the only way that the linkspam will cause any problems (save for a couple minutes of reverting a day!).