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My interests with AppleTV

  • EyeTV - Recording HD content that my Series2 Tivo can't. Ideally playback will be handled with ATVFiles, NitoTV, or Sapphire. Currently, I can set it up with Applications Menu and have an applescript controlling EyeTV convert the recordings to AppleTV format. Issues arise with getting the scheduler and program guide working.
  • DVD Ripping - Ripping DVDs to my external drive for later playback and also for archiving. I can do this with NitoTV now.
  • Enabling AppleTV as an Access Point - I'd like to share the connection from my ethernet connection to avoid using another access point in the same vicinity. It would free up an Airport Express which could be better used extending wireless across the house. Plus it's 802.11n—much faster than the Airport Express without having to buy an Airport Extreme Basestation.
  • Bluetooth Support - Bluetooth is working now, but I'd like to integrate some Bluetooth devices such as the Nintendo wiimote into the AppleTV interface as both an Apple Remote replacement and mousing device.

If any of these things interest you or you have an idea that might help, let me know on the talk page, or in the IRC channel #awkwardtv.