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Amazing guide Ottovolante_slim & it works great but, I'm trying to figure out a way to use Transmission 1.75 instead of 1.06 (& the newest version of the Clutch web interface (also 1.75), instead of 0.4) for this guide. Is it even possible or am I stuck at the old versions due to the AppleTV OS still being based off of 10.4.8? --Celebi23 05:35, 01 October 2009 (EST)

It is possible to compile Transmission 1.7, but it requires some hacking: I replaced curl with statically linked version and compiled the thing on Tiger with XCode 2.5 for library compatibility. [1]

I wan't able to get 1.7 compiled on my OS X 10.6 machine (GCC issues, I believe) so I tried a slightly older version. I did get 1.51 working (I will try newer versions later this week). [2]

Support for ATV 3.0.1

Installation won't be supported on ATV 3.0.1. See for further help. Will there be a full step-by-step tutorial for ATV 3.0.1 users? Thanks for your great work. Michael

Binaries for 1.33

Great work on getting 1.33 up and running. So much more lightweight without MAMPs etc :) Though I got it working, I have one question, why can't we just post the binaries somewhere? It seems silly making all the users install xcode (with 10.4 support) and compile everything, going through the whole tut if we can just have working binaries. Is there some copyright reason? -- kLy

I already posted binaries [3]



I've used this guide a number of times and it has been quite useful. Could I request that a version for 1.06 and a separate page for 1.33 be created? It's a bit of a jumble at the moment and hard to follow. Also, if you could include the XCode steps for 3.0 that would also be useful.

A question, does the web gui in 1.33 provide a page formatted for the iphone? This is really what I'm after.

Also, if you could post compiled binaries that would be even better.