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For me, CenterStage worked with the remote, but failed to play a movie that I placed /Volumes/Media/Scratch/Users/frontrow/Movies

  • Note: The Watchdog issue is not yet resolved, so the system will reboot after a bit.

UPDATE: CenterStage will play mp4, mov, avi(xvid). The trick is to press and hold select when on the movie of choice.

Has someone already tried Equinux MediaCentral? It's currently the only Mac application that's stable enough to be a recommenable replacement for the AppleTV's Finder.

UPDATE: If you run finder manually over ssh for a couple of seconds every 5 minutes, the machine does not reboot.

When I rename back to all Musik synced over I tunes is lost and syncing does not work.

loginwindow Preference

loginwindow has a preference for what app to run as Finder (why Apple didn't use this I have no idea). The preference is called Finder

To set it: defaults write Finder /path/to/

You have to kill loginwindow and restart (or reboot the box) and it will launch the specified app instead of FrontRow. To return it to the default, just defaults delete Finder

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Remote does not work after changing this option