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Wow, you get more and more creative with your new plans every time !

The only thing that is missing is that you also steal the screenshots.

Get a life ...

funny thing is those screenshots aren't stolen they are different, different times and different crops, i can take as many as you want. I guess you are just upset because you can't bilk people out of money anymore for a preference that can be changed as easily as using defaults command line preferences. Not to mention if you actually compared them with a clear mind they really aren't the same in any way.

Apparently reading is an'll learn it one day. You're good at copying already

Reading is an art? Stop trying to sound smarter than you are, you probably took two months to write a plugin that i added to my own in 2 hours, stop whining and write something thats actually worth money and then sell it, stop wasting my time. Yeh I added an "idea" that was in your crappy excuse for "plugin", and gave it away for what it should have been in the first place. FREE, the fact that you had the audacity to try to charge people 100$ for a PREFERENCE tweak, even 10$ is too much, now you won't get a penny.

Yesterday I installed 0.7 and now the change keymap function in quicktime playback doesn't work anymore. If I press and hold Menu, then the main menu appears. In 0.65 the "keymap changed" infos was shown in the upper left corner of the screen. Then I could have pressed + to change the audio track. Maybe a bug? I use ATV 2.1. Another question: why are the horizontal seperators in the settings menu gone?