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Is there a way to start rTorrent when the aTV boots automatically. something like

sudo -u frontrow /usr/bin/screen -d -m /usr/bin/local/rtorrent to the rc.local

is there a way to automatically delete compressed archives after decompressing them? something like

on_finished = unrar_on_completion,"execute=unrar,e,$d.get_base_path=,*"

unrar movie script

for movie in "$@"
  cd $movie
  for CD in CD?
    cd $CD || exit
    unrar e -kb *.rar || exit
    mv *.avi ..
    cd ..
  rm -rf CD?
  cd ..
  mv $movie ..

don't forget to set your upload limit to 90%

if ctrl-d (delete torrent) or ctrl-s (start torrent) doesn't work try this before starting screen:

stty -a #check whats defined
stty stop undef
stty start undef

or within screen

ctrl-a followed by ctrl-f until "-flow" appears at the bottom left corner, now the commands should work.