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Everything works fine, but then: I can open System Preferences and open MouseLocator but the enable check mark is removed after 5 seconds when I enable it. What can I do? You should set Display Time to infinite.

Difficult to Understand

I am not by any means good with computers...or following directions for that matter, but I am having trouble understanding the directions to get Firefox on my Apple T.V. It would be great to have a more detailed explanation of how to make this work.


Under the Silverlight section you mention copying fonts, but I don't see most of these fonts under Tiger (v10.4.11) nor do you explicitly mention which directory to place them in on the appletv. I see at least 3 possible font directory destinations on the apple TV, but I'm not sure which...

RSS Feeds

Firefox also seems to crash whenever I browse to or visit an RSS feed (.xml). Does anyone know why this is happening? Is there some xml dependency lib missing?