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I followed these instructions and I was able to create my own screensaver on apple tv. SWEET!

A cool idea would be to be able to point to a directory of .qtz files and have the screensaver cycle through them. Thanks for writing up this tutorial. It has inspired me to learn more about quartz.

RSS Feeds

I'm having trouble getting RSS feeds working in the screensaver. The background appears but it never starts displaying the text.

The screensaver I'm trying to get working on the ATV is similar to the Apple RSS screensaver, with different colors:

The same thing happens when I try to launch a .qtz file using the command line Quartz Player, no RSS Feeds:

Anyone have some ideas on how to get this working?

Enable RSS for ATV


You basically have to run the following command on your Mac to unlock the hidden patches in QC:

defaults write QCRegisterPrivatePatches -bool true

Then, use the "RSS Parser" patch instead of the "RSS Feed" patch.