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does this actually work, as the method I recommneded in Enable SSH Without Opening the Apple TV I have not yet gotten to successfully work

Also which USB flashdrive did you use, as the one I have would no let me edit the partition table when it was mounted (and did not show up to the OS when it was unmounted). I am assuming this might be because of the particular brand I am using, and would like to know which brand works.

Thanks :)


I was able to get the boot graphic, but can't get further than that in the boot process. I suspect that when the kernel loads, it has a problem opening the disk image on the usb drive.

I was using a 1G USB 2.0 memorex traveldrive, and had to use diskutil to unmount the partition on the drive and then use disktool to create the GPT with one HFS partition on it. It may be the model of the drive or just forcing it to unmount.