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watch out while editing the sudoers file, i corrupted mine and lost all sudo-privileges on my system.. use the visudo command, and dont use any normal text editor !!

This works for me using a Nokia N800. Anything with browsing capability will. The index.html file from step 1.5 needed some changes to work for me:

1. The php code wouldn't work for me until I changed the file to index.php and wrote another index.html to call it.

2. I needed to change the way the PHP passes the URL key option to the script:

$arg = $_GET['b'];
 if ($arg >= "0") {
  exec("sudo /usr/sbin/sysctl -w kern.sendIR=$arg");

3. The href's that call the script with the key argument need to be changed to php:

<area shape="circle" coords="72,193,24" href="index.php?b=2" ...

4. The values for right and left keys (4,5) are swapped.