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Q: Aside from providing 1080P output, will this speed up the overall performance of the AppleTV? Even if you still are viewing in 720P? A: Yes. For example, I couldn't watch some action movies encoded with x264 high bitrate. No more jerks when the whole frame moves.

To clarify the above statement on providing 1080p output, the XBMC software (the only program that currently supports Broadcom HD Decoder on Apple TV) is limited (to workaround an Apple bug/limitation) on the Apple TV OS a display resolution of 1280x720. If the AppleTV is configured to output 1080p and is playing 1080p content via XBMC/CrystalHD Decoder the following will happen. Crystal HD decoder will decode 1080p content, this will be downscaled to 1280x720 and rendered by XBMC. Then the Nvidia graphics card will hardware upscale the output to 1080p. This impacts quality but not performance.

Running XBMC on an AppleTV that runs Linux with properly configured Nvidia and Crystal HD drivers will decode and output native 1080P without intermediate scaling.

So, with this, the Apple TV can play 1080p video flawlessly? As in, no frame drops whatsoever? Rekoil 13:06, 22 January 2010 (CET) A: yes it can. basically. there are still some bugs in the rendering of hd movies. development is really going fastforward. davilla is doing a great job on that. right now i do "only" have ~1000 frame drops for a 40 minute movie (720p). crystalhd is the HD future for apple tv.

Hahahaa, this is so funny. "deliberately limited" means that we XBMC devs programmed this behavior. So bogus. The real story is we don't quite understand why the display API only reports 720p while the AppleTV is set to 1080p. This behavior comes from the Apple display API. So frontrow is doing something special with respect to 1080p display and the what remains elusive.

  • so can you just ignore bogus API if a user ask you to switch to 1080p?.. Any other workaround?..