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Streamer README
Version 0.1.2 (ALPHA)
20th October 2007

Does not work with Apple TV take 2 software.


© 2007 Dakaix & Alan Quatermain. All Rights Reserved.


Streamer provides the ability to listen to Internet Radio through your AppleTV. It works by acting as a wrapper for MPlayer ( - the popular Unix media player). Additional functionality has been planned, and will be introduced in new versions.

Want to suggest a new feature? Contact either Dakaix or Alan Quatermain on the AwkwardTV IRC Channel ( #awkwardtv).

See for more details.


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Streamer can be installed via the AwkwardTV Loader. Simply choose AwkwardTV from the AppleTV Menu, then choose Streamer from the list provided.

Manual Installation

1. Extract the files from the .tar.gz.

2. Copy Streamer.frappliance to this folder: /System/Library/CoreServices/ on the Apple TV.

3. Restart Finder. Use this command, which will kill Finder - it should restart itself automatically however.

kill `ps ax|grep [F]inder|cut -b 2-5`

If you have the drive installed in the Apple TV, you will likely have to mount the root partition as read-write (using sudo /sbin/mount -uw /) to copy it. The command sudo /sbin/mount -ur /will reverse the above action.


Once you have restarted Finder, a new option will be listed "Streamer" - this is the interface you will use when listening to Internet Radio.

Release Notes

0.1.2 - ALPHA - 20th October 2007

  • New Program Icon
  • AppleTV v1.1 Support.

0.1.1 - ALPHA - 14th May 2007

  • Simpler Installation, no longer need to copy MPlayer to /usr/bin.

0.1.0 - ALPHA - 11th May 2007

  • First release


  • Recent Streams
  • Displaying details about the stream (Name, Owner, Duration, Position etc.)
  • Progress Bar
  • Ability to Pause the Stream
  • Community Stream Directory (So that everyone can post their own streams and favourites).


The MPlayer Binary is included under the GNU Public License, however the Streamer plugin is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives License. You are free to use and redistribute this work, but may not alter, transform, or build upon it. In addition, you must include the following disclaimer:

Portions Copyright (c) 2007 AwkwardTV

For license details, see:

For source and more information on MPlayer, go to


For support please use the IRC channel. Please do not contact us via e-mail for support with the plugin. Thanks :)


If you wish, you may donate to Streamer via PayPal using this link: Paypal Donation


This program is provided at your own risk. The authors claim no responsibility for any damage or other outcome that may occur from use of this software.

The authors are not affiliated with Apple, Inc.