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Has anybody tried to get Remote Buddy to work on the Apple TV? Would probably be perfect as a filesystem browser and app launcher for the time being..

...since there hasn't been much response to the Remote Buddy Application, how about hardware replacements for the Apple Remote? What works (especially cheaply!) and what doesn't- and how about a simple method for enabling volume control from the remote?

-- I've been able to get Remote Buddy's AjaxRemote to work with Finder. You have to install IRKeyboardEmu.kext and compile a new behavior for Apple TV, with applescript actions like:

do shell script "sudo sysctl -w kern.sendIR=2" password "frontrow" with administrator privileges

I'm sure this functionality could be easily mimicked using a webserver along with a cgi application to send the sysctl messages, but Remote Buddy actually lets you see the screen like VNC, so why not take advantage of that? The holy grail is to get Remote Buddy to see all media files in ATV and play them, or to execute a sequence of commands to launch a particular app.

But it's pretty nice to be able to control my ATV without turning on my big screen and switching inputs, all from my iPhone no less.