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Project Summary

Plex forum user and developer of iOS app Klexi, quiqueck, has devloped a frontend for the plex media server to allow live transcoding and streaming of many formats to AppleTV. This project was first announced in this thread on the plex forums

What Plex client for AppleTV (2010) can do:

- Connects to local PMS servers

- Streams videos with default audio and video track

- Transcodes said videos, so depending on your server machine, you may get buffering

- Can stream video plugin output

Known Bugs

- Playback position (Resume, forward, rewind,skip etc)

- Frequent crashing (probably due to size of larger libraries)

- Server list not refreshing until you press up or down.

- Some films will start playing and then suddenly stop and display the "An error occurred loading this content. Try again later" message.

- Transcoding continues even after video has stopped playing.

Current Feature Requests

- Further metadata/info pulled from PMS when browsing library (Plot, Rating etc). Perhaps use up less space for the Cover, and put plot etc beneath cover. Like frontrow when browsing trailers?

- Subtitle Support

- 5.1 Audio Support

- Multiple Audio Language selection

- Stream iOS-ready content without transcoding

- Connect to remote Plex Clients

- Watched/Unwatched Status


Plex forum user clairecakes made a FAQ reproduced in part below:

What is the Plex Client for ATV 2G? This is a Proof of Concept. It is meant to show what the device is capable of. This particular "app" reads Plex Media Servers on the local network and allows you to watch videos from those servers.

Okay so what the heck is a Proof of Concept? It's exactly what it sounds like. He had a concept and he created this program to prove it. This also means that it is a very YOUNG program. This is pre-Beta. Heck this is pre-Alpha! Do not expect it to be stable or feature rich at this point. Just be happy that it runs at all.

Thank you for lowering my expectations. However I still want metadata/multiple audio channels/subtitles/ponies/etc. Where is it? Not in this program at this point. Remember: PROOF OF CONCEPT. Heck this is just a HOBBY at this point. More features may arrive at a later date, but patience is required. The man seems quite busy working on KLEXI at the moment.

Um. How do I install it? Quiqueck, the creator of this neat little app, carefully explains how to install it on the very first page of this thread. Don't be lazy. Go read over it three times and then--if you feel ready--get to installing.

Oops. My ATV 2G isn't jailbroken. Does it need to be? ... Yes.

How do I do that? Look elsewhere. This forum, and this thread shouldn't be derailed with jailbreak questions. There are multiple excellent resources on the matter.

I'm watching a video and hit fast forward, but nothing happens. Quiqueck is still working on this. Right now there's no easy way to tell the ATV the length of a media file. So there's no fast forwarding. At all!

Well why can't the movie that just crashed pick back up where it left off? Another bug. Welcome to using a Proof of Concept as your media player!

Sound doesn't work. Make sure you installed Soundflower on your computer and that transcoding is enabled in the PMS preferences. If you play a lot of WoW be glad because you probably already had it installed on your computer!

Laaaaaaaaaag. My 1080p video stutters all up in here. Fix it. No you! There are many likely culprits for this lag, but the most likely is that your cute little computer just can't handle transcoding that giant file and sending it to your ATV. The best bet is to downgrade FFMPEG on your computer.

I tried to update and got the following error: W: GPG error: ./ Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 89711CE585F73AB5. Thanks to DavePDX there's a solution! Install NitoTV. It's a jailbroken ATV's bread and butter and solves numerous issues.

Nope still a problem. Damn you Public Key error!!!!!!! This should do it. apt-get install wget wget -O- | apt-key add -

Okay I read that I could get video plugins to work. But I'm not seeing them on the menu! Because you need to Disable Capability Checking. Choose the Plex Media Server from the menu bar on the computer that's running Plex. Now remember Preferences->Advanced->Disable Capability Checking. Make sure there's a check in the box.

But my video plug in doesn't work! There is a known issue with Flash 10.1 on computers. Double check and see if the plugin works on your computer. If necessary downgrade to 10.0.

Plex on ATV not working anymore... While my Plex server is listed, clicking on it produces nothing by the plex logo. See post #666, here: