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One can obviously play sound files via the FrontRow interface.

Using play allows to play a sound file from the command line, or from any user scripts. This allows to emit alert sounds from the AppleTV.

I intend to use my AppleTV as a door bell.


This works on an SSH enabled AppleTV.

Download play from Hieper Software.


Just download play to the AppleTV.

Check your PATH environment variable to see from where it can be called without providing the entire path in the command:

echo $PATH



play --help

shows the options:

play audio files from the command line
use: play [-vrl] [-t time] [path]... 
        -v       print status information to stdout
        -r       play audio files in random order
        -l       loop playback
        -t time  play each audio file for at most 'time' seconds
    --help       display this help message
 --version       display version information

The command allows to play any file supported by QuickTime on the AppleTV. Consider to install Perian.

The sound file is played over any other sound presently played by FrontRow. The volume adjustment from the remote control doesn't affect the volume of the played sound file.