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This pages describes different possible solutions to build a Patchstick without needing an Intel Mac. The general procedure used to build a Patchstick is described in Patchstick/Testing only with publically available files. If All the files are available, you can use an PPC Mac to create a Patchstick and for Windows you can boot from a FreeBSD Live CD to build the Patchstick.

Some infos can be found here: Talk:Patchstick/Testing#Creating_Patchstick_on_ppc_Mac_or_Windows

Using Semthex's OSX86 kernel and files from OS X Combo Updates

Kernel: Build a Patchstick the same way as described in the wiki: Patchstick/Testing#Manually:_Partitioning_and_formatting_the_USB_disk But here we can't get it boot correctly yet, because only one kext is missing: IOACPIFamily.kext.

Details: Talk:Patchstick/Testing#Creating_Patchstick_on_ppc_Mac_or_Windows

Does someone know where to get the IOACPIFamily.kext from, or how to get rid of the dependency? iIs ACPI really needed?

Use the Kernel and kexts from the ATV 1.1 update

Build the Patchstick the same way as described in the wiki, but use files from the ATV 1.1 update, so only use the kexts for ATV 1.1 kernel and /usr/lib and some binaries. This kernel has no USB support, so there might be some problems, but there is a Patch for the ATV 1.1 kernel, and the needed kexts can be found in the osx combo update, see here for instructions: Enable_USB_Storage But I'm not sure if the Patch works if it's not the systems kernel (e.g. you have to reboot...).

Use a complete Darwin System

Should work too, but someone is needed who knows more about Darwin... boot.efi and Semthex's OSX86 kernel are available.