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nitoTV take 2 - For AppleTV Take 2: 2.0 - 2.1.0 limited 2.2.0/2.3.x/2.4/3.0.x support Now with leopard support
Current Version: 0.9.4
0.7.9 Leopard (Leopard Only, not Snow Leopard) Download Location: direct download
0.9.4 AppleTV Download Location: direct download
For AppleTV Take2: 2.0 - 2.1.0 limited 2.2.0/2.3.x/2.4/3.0.x support, NitoTV wiki for AppleTV 1.0-1.1 version.[nitoTV V1] Note: The above link will always download the latest version of nitoTV Take2
old versions are available here

Release date: Aug 10th, 2010
Current as of: June 10th, 2010

Whats new in 0.8.6? - (old awkward thread, left in case the forums ever come back)

Whats new in 0.8.7 (moved to hackint0sh) -

This appliance is a front end for the popular mplayer media player ( perian and (Apple's DVDPlayback.framework (if installed)- WORKING IN TAKE 2 NOW) You can create/edit playlists and add files or folders of your choice. By now it should support just about any media format. Create afp, nfs and samba mounts (with bonjour support) Install the kextloader, a variety of kexts/frameworks/binaries, perian, mplayer codecs, play nes, snes, genesis, game gear and gameboy advanced roms, view RSS feeds and 3-day Weather forecast, Launch Applications, tweak sideshow settings and much much more!

This appliance is Copyright © 2007-2010 nito llc. All Rights Reserved.

Change Log

0.9.4 I have got to stop with the late night / early morning releases, another major smart installer bug overlooked, also put a wrong icon in the new set.

0.9.3 Added support for the Harmony remote's playback buttons (Play, Pause, FF, Rewind, etc). Fixed RSS editing bug (thanks santa). Revamped RSS display, it fetches faster now (better parsing class) and now touts support for multipage feeds, the multiple page code isn't perfect, but it is a marked improvement. If you haven't replaced your finder icons with Leopard/Snow Leopard CoreTypes (done automatically by atvPwn when run on Leopard+) a new set of icons will be installed in place of the old Tiger ones in the Smart Installer, you can run it again even if you have already run it before. Added some nil check code in network mounts to prevent crashes with improperly formatted mount points. All of the new icons came courtesy of Aldrin Lee, big thanks!, the folder icons are based on Uni Matte icons and the others are a revision of another custom set by Aldrin, all beautifully done. The smart installer package installer will no longer re-install package (tar.bz2 files in ~/Documents/Packages) that have been installed prior.

0.9.2 Major smart installer bug keeping USB patching from working, fixed a bug where the nitoTV icon wouldn't appear next to update item.

0.9.1 Lots of cleanup work done in this release: fixed some autorelease bugs/leaks for when Alert dialogs are automatically dismissed after a set time. Fixed various other memory leaks/bugs. Added custom metadata for mounted volumes in addition to all of the settings and install sections. In addition to the new descriptive metadata I added some new pictures in the settings section to vary it up a bit. Thanks to Tom Cool for the help getting custom meta to work. Cleaned up the resources folder a bit. Got the Genre and Director keys working in metadata (finally!!) As well as Episode and Season keys working for TV Shows! (doesn't sort by them yet, but it displays them!). After meta is loaded titles in the file browser with match those in the metadata, it won't sort by those names but it will display them. We also added metadata for saved share points in the network menu. Fixed an MPlayer AC-3/DTS passthrough bug. Fixed an install bug with iTunesFS. Fixed an MPlayer playback leak (thanks Graham!), we have also bundled a newer version of MPlayer from the mplayer-devel branch, not the latest, but newer :) Please report any problems with playback. Added a size check for the download of 10.4.9 combo update, appears to be problems with an Apple server.

0.9.0 Hate for 0.9.0 to be a bugfix release but what can ya do? Fixed a bug in the smart installer with the new smbfs.kext installer, fixed improper permissions for package as well.

0.8.9 Added an option to toggle the 5 minute timeout in DVDPlayback. Fixed a bug in the CommonMediaPlayer framework where DVD's would get stuck on an initial selection screen. Smart Installer will now swap the smbfs.kext with a "new" one (its still the same essential version, only the buffer was modified) that will allow better DVD streaming over samba shares.

0.8.8 Gesture bug fixes. Mount points will now save themselves when mount is chosen before attempting to mount, hopefully fixes any crashes occuring in this instance. Fixed progress bug when choosing mount from a mount point where the controller wont pop after mounting successfully. Right click on smart installer will prompt to patch the recovery partition with ssh (perpetual patchstick, restore to ssh patched atv AND the ability to ssh while in recovery mode. use with caution, any errors could lead to an AppleTV that wont restore). Added changelog section for nitoTV update. Added dutch localization, Thanks James!

0.8.7 Quick followup bugfix release. Swipe Left and Swipe Right gestures were broken in 3.0.1, now fixed. The CommonMediaPlayer installer was broken as well, that is also fixed. Added a changelog for the CommonMediaPlayer framework. Click right on the Update CommonMediaPlayer option to get an up to date changelog.

0.8.6 Implemented the Common Media Player framework that is a joint effort between Graham Booker (Perian/Sapphire dev) and myself, this framework at its first iteration is going to solely focus on DVDPlayback. This framework ushers in a much better playback experience for DVDPlayback in nitoTV, overlays, playheads, much improved control scheme (no more control maps!) It is also introducing, courtesy of a new component from Graham Booker, full 5.1 AC-3 passthrough! (In MPlayer too!!) At long last, you read that right! :). There is no more MPlayer fall back for DVD failure, no DVD listing or importing at the current version, but the listing and import will see implementation in future releases. MPlayer fallback, and general playback will also probably make it into future iterations of the framework, some growing pains please bear with us.

I removed install Couch Surfer / WebKit from the installation manager because that version of Couch Surfer is no longer hosted online and I never had any control over the distribution of that plugin, I merely did it as a favor to Brandon Holland when he was still responsible for it. An update item was added for the CommonMediaPlayer framework as well, so we can update the framework without updating our PlugIns, future versions of CommmonMediaPlayer will update itself, allowing update in any plugin that implements it properly, for now this updater is a stop gap.

The only other major change in the PlugIn was the removal of QuickTime resume, volume control and so forth, there was a major bug at the completion of the files that would always cause a crash. Hopefully as the CommonMediaPlayer framework evolves we will implement QuickTime classes into it as well.

To enable 5.1 AC-3 passthrough for DVD's and MPlayer toggle the 5.1 AC3 Audio setting on in MPlayer or DVD settings.

0.8.5 Fixed an RSS compatibility issue with Sapphire. Compiled a new MPlayer binary (mplayer-devel branch from macports as of Jan-27-10) No new formats added, just figured we were overdue for a new binary, LIVE555 seems slightly improved, but still doesn't recognize most streams I throw at it unfortunately. All mp4 files will be scanned for high-profile and arguments will be appended to MPlayer that improve playback drastically, unfortunately its still not to the point of watchability on most files, but it is definitely an improvement. Smart Installer will now install the private framework DVD.framework. Apparently this framework is needed to verify region codes of discs with any external drive, this is the reason a lot of DVD's will not play back even when they do mount. Run the Smart Installer again and this will be fixed. Fixed the DVD Language picker. Fixed the Blacklist volume / MPlayer argument editor crashes. QuickTime single file playback works with audio/subtitle toggling, volume control, and resume still no support in QuickTime playlist playback (which has been fixed to allow exiting properly)

0.8.4 Happy New Year! Glad to bring you the first nitoTV release of 2010. This release is mainly a maintenance release, I am pretty certain the MPlayer exiting crash bug is fixed, which also should fix some major memory leaks so hopefully nitoTV won't need a finder reboot as often to get things running smoothly again. NTFS volumes should be recognized as ejectable volumes now too. OSBoot was added to a global generic blacklist so it should no longer show up in anyone for files (as of before it shouldn't have either, still a mystery). Tweaked drive automounting code to see if it helps those having issues mounting NTFS volumes (no promises, it worked fine for me to automount without this tweak.) The Smart Installer will not start without a combo update that undergoes a size check (we we're going to do MD5 but the checks were way too slow) so if the combo update doesn't match its proper size it will delete and re-download, hopefully this should clear up any issues of smart installer failures. The Kernel Extension mananger saw an update, if TVComposite right clicked in the list two options have been added "Add startup item" and "Remove startup item" some people experience issues with TVComposite in rc.local and hopefully the ATVColor startup item will rectify that issue (similar to the one created in the wiki). Also did some idiot proofing there to disallow unloading and deleting certain kext files. Last but not least, ISO mounting (in DVDPlayback) is greatly improved in this version.

0.8.3 DVD Importing/Autoimport fixed, not sure how long that has been broken. Fixed some screen release and compatibility issues with pre 3.x versions. Right click on bonjour points will bring up a mount facade with the hostname and mount name filled in for easier (non-afp) share creation, works for afp too of course. Added support in 3.x for the extra play/pause button on the new Apple remotes. The elusive MPlayer crash on exit bug is still around unfortunately but I'm working hard on fixing it, fixed some other minor leaks here and there. I am hoping to get more of these leaks and slowdown issues fixed in the new year but for now this will have to do.

0.8.2 Whoops, big bug in the version check code that was breaking nitoTV in all versions BUT 3.0. That is fixed now, RSS makes a comeback as well. USB and watchdog patches updated for 3.0.1 as well. Fixed Smart Installer glitch for OS 1.0 recovery.dmg's. While proper entire recovery.dmg partition worked, JUST the OS.dmg by itself wasn't working, this glitch is now fixed.

0.8.1 So Apple put out OS 3.0 a few days ago, as predicted various things needed tweaking and upgrading, and we are sad to report that some features may have no chance of making it back in. Apple has updated the WebKit, WebCore, JavaScriptCore and JavaScriptGlue frameworks and actually use them in the OS (which we don't think they did before) Therefore by installing the newer ones (newer before OS 3.0) needed for CouchSurfer the AppleTV's finder is sent on an endless reboot, without some magic from Brandon I don't know if its making it back. These framework changes have also affected the RSS section which we couldn't fix either. With that out of the way we HAVE restored the functionality for DVD, MPlayer, QuickTime, Weather, Network, download, installer and Application Launching sections. We did our best to put an error message in place of all the things we could not get working for 3.0. Things may be a little buggy from the OS transition so please bear with us :)

Audio volume and sub toggling and resume returns in QuickTime playback! (2.2-2.4), didn't think this feature was going to make it passed 2.1, but after some extensive debugging it's working again. It is possible to turn off the volume control in General settings if this is not a desirable feature.

0.8.0 "Options" button while browsing files is a shortcut to settings (similiar to holding right on the Apple remote.) An "mplayer manual" section was added to MPlayer settings for easy access to keystrokes for keymap programming. Fixed perian online check bug, was detecting new version but fetching improper URL. Smart Installer dmg check fixed. "Install All Packages" works now, possibly the first time it ever worked. Improved weather interface. Added French, German, Italian and Spanish localizations (thanks James!). Added some files from combo and recovery install to help enable bluetooth better (still requires dongle of course!, thanks grufty!), added DVD settings for default audio and subtitles (DVDPlayback.framework only!) default subtitles selection still doesn't work completely, but audio seems okay.

0.7.9 Fixed gesture issues in DVDPlayback and MPlayer playback. The "options" button in the remote app is mapped to "hold menu" for changing between keymaps in DVD and MPlayer playback. Fixed Smart Installer bug for DVDPlayback framework stub not being moved if update was preformed rather than a restore. Fixed one crash bug in adding suffixes, blacklist volumes or MPlayer arguments (there is still another elusive bug that casuses some crashes there). Fixed another file browsing crash bug. Added subtitle size toggle for MPlayer (only works to toggle between the default fonts installed with nitoTV, Arial-14 - Arial-28)

0.7.8 Improved preview generation (updated ffmpeg to support mkv). Updated localization file. Fixed gesture bugs from 0.7.7, fixed network crash where manual mount points were not working.

0.7.7 Fixed gesture support for AppleTV 2.4 and the new remote app for iPhone/iPod Touch (except in DVD playback, not cooperating there for some unknown reason). Improved blacklist support. Various bug fixes.

0.7.6 AppleTV 2.4 OS Support. (minus gesture support)

0.7.5 Fixed bug in TVComposite installation, properly installs PAL if selected. Added Setting to change how the files are sorted (Alphabetical, which is default, Date Modified Ascending/Descending or file size Ascending/Descending, it does not calculate folder sizes, folders will be Alphabetical after the files are sorted). Settings section has been broken down into seperate sections for MPlayer, DVD, General, Categories and Utilities. Fixed a major crashing bug for file browsing. Added rudimentary document/pdf viewing. Documents in doc, rtf and txt format can be read, pdf format is a bit sketchier, multiple pages won't be displayed and the initial page gets cut off and displayed inconsistently.

0.7.4 Added kernel extension manager for manually loading kext's and for adding/removing them from /etc/rc.local. Override up and down in File section, Settings, Playlist (root and editor), Applications and Recent Items section to go to the bottom or top respectively. Added TVComposite.kext to installation manager. Smart Installer will query online database if kernel is not recognized, this will allow us to update USB patch information online if a new AppleTV OS comes out, rather than having to release a whole new version.

0.7.3 Added individual package installer inside the installation manager (for the tbz packages in ~/Documents/Packages), removes need to run Smart Installer just to install a few packages. Fixed major bug in recovery section of Smart Installer that was causing crashes and installation failures. Fixed other minor annoyances bugs in Smart Installer as well. Added some new icons in Installation sections for Smart Installer, Flash, iTunesfs, Couch Surfer and WebKit.

0.7.2 Fixed playlist bug, when files are missing in QuickTime playlist we just skip to the next. Install software disabled in Leopard (Was never really meant to work in there, and no future plans to implement) Added the ability to set a custom hostname. Smarter playlist addition code, if an item exists in a playlist it will not be added again. Added a tbz package installer to the smart installer (tbz packages with path lists intact, ie darwin packages from the 10.4 iso, added to the ~/Documents/Packages folder manually) Added services section where you can toggle ssh, afp and ftp on and off (this just turns them on and off, they must be installed already).

0.7.1 Obfuscation with network passwords (when entering passwords or editing mount points). Fixed RSS bugs in root RSS facade. Fixed conflicts with Sapphire compat classes (would have conflicts anytime Sapphire or ATVFiles was installed) this conflict fix unfortunately breaks any compatibility with ATV4Mac, sorry. Error message added for when eject fails. Added setting to toggle whether AppleTV OS Updates are blocked or unblocked. Added copy option to copy the file to the current directory or the selected directory, the current directory option will allow you to copy files into the root ~/Movies folder (or whatever mountLocation is set to). Install Flash section added to installer manager. Added USB / Watchdog patch for 2.3.1, added general compatability to 2.3.1 as well (as far as 2.3 and 2.2 were compatible) RSS feeds lose pictures in 2.3+ (may only be a 2.3.1 issue, not sure but for safetys sake went to 2.3). Fixed weather for 2.3+. Slideshow editor displays properly in 1080i. Removed safe display release from settings, added "Set Time Zone" in its place. Easier to set the local time zone, no need to muck around in the terminal.

0.7.0 Vastly improved memory management, several memory leaks have been fixed (thanks Jim). Network names with special characters should resolve properly when saved from the volumes section. TV show metadata fixed (broke it in the last release uknowingly). First Leopard/frontrow compatible version as well, this about won't appear there due to problems with document controller, but this version should universally work between 2.x and Leopard frontrow (intel only), it may or may not work with the Tiger version of frontrow, untested. Now possible to add RSS feeds through the UI just like in the Weather and Network sections, some pictures will display when browsing RSS Slideshow Editor will let you set the time per slide for the photo plugin to anywhere from 1 second to 9999 hours.

0.6.5 Fixed a bug with screen capture in DVD playback for 2.3. Recent Files now include DVD's as well. Added icons for recent files and weather.

0.6.4 Fixed the double tap for left and right dvd menu navigation for 2.2/2.3. Updated for Perian 1.1.3, Perian installer now checks version online, no more need for nitoTV updates to accommodate new perian versions. Added installer for Keyboard Magic in Couch Surfer installer. DVD flickering should be fixed in 2.3. Smart Installer will now grab the 10.4.9 Combo update and place it in the ~/Documents folder automatically, it will also properly install the missing pieces for System Preferences application to run properly. Smart Installer fixes afp bonjour advertising (with 1.0 recovery only). Last but certainly not least, we are confident that screen release has been solved for 2.3 in all resolutions, give us some feedback and let us know.

0.6.3 Potential fix for most of the NSAutoreleaseNoPool leaks in 2.3, Added option to clear recent items. Fixed the forward and backward continual holds for DVDPlayback in 2.2 and 2.3. Recent items will not add repeat items. Reorganized Settings section. Hold commands should work again in 2.2/2.3 for Application launching. Fixed MPlayer caching, was unknowingly broken for a few versions now. Added streams section for streaming audio and video, we also added a brand new MPlayer build that has LIVE555 support for RTSP video streaming, its a bit buggy and far from flawless, but the best implementation we could get for the time being. While 2.3 support has been improved, we still strongly advise sticking to 2.1 or 2.2 at the very latest.

0.6.2 File delete bug fixed, added patch for 2.3 kernel for USB and watchdog. 2.3 basic support has been implemented, 2.3 should be supported to the extent that 2.2 was supported, we still recommend using the OSupdate tool to downgrade to 2.1 for the best performance from nitoTV.

IMPORTANT NOTE: 2.3 gives a LOT of autorelease errors (i.e. 2008-12-02 01:40:12.860 Finder[244] *** _NSAutoreleaseNoPool(): Object 0x9406920 of class NSCFArray autoreleased with no pool in place - just leaking) we are aware of this, have no idea if there is any fix at all, and have heard similar reports of other devs having these sorts of problems, if this causes unpredictable results, we recommend a 2.1 or 2.2 downgrade with OSupdate.

0.6.1 Aspect ratios fixed in 1080i resolution for DVDPlaback.framework (hopefully). Fixed NES rom launching (inadvertently broken in 0.6.0). Fixed text overlay for 2.1 and lower (also inadvertently broken in 0.6.0) Added "Recent Files" menu item that will list the last 10 Applications and Files launched. It can be turned off in Settings.

0.6.0 Aspect ratios fixed in DVDPlaback.framework mode. Fixed a bug where files without an asset would crash in QuickTime based playback. Added delete confirmation dialog in playlist menu. Updated perian installer for 1.1.2. Took out the spinning progress indicator before playing mplayer videos. The screen release issues have been somewhat "solved". Fixed MPlayer DVD playback, was broken since the advent of DVDPlayback framework reimlementation. With Time in Title enabled folder lists will refresh.

0.5.7 offers limited 2.2 support, includes 2.2 USB/Watchdog patch in Smart Installer

0.5.6 fixed a small bug in smart installer that would prevent install from completing.

With the release of 0.5.5 nitoTV Take 2 has bridged the gap of all features missing from the 1.x version!

Just getting this page started, its going to be a bit barren at first, this page will mainly exist to have information that is only relevant to the take 2 version of nitoTV.

nitoTV Take 2 is compatible or at least works with AppleTV 2 and 2.01 - as long as you have enabled SSH access etc to allow the install. --BonesSK 21:52, 8 April 2008 (CEST)

For information and help with nitoTV Take 2 read this forum post -

This wiki is solely for the Take 2 version and doesn't have full coverage of all nitoTV features, just some of the minor discrepancies between 1.x and 2.x based versions. go here for more information NitoTV

DVD Playback

DVD Playback now leverages the Common Media Player framework CMP_Framework Which is a joint project between Graham Booker and myself. One of the most exciting features is full 5.1 AC-3 and DTS passthrough to a capable receiver.

5.1 Channel Audio

DVD: Supported
MPlayer: Supported
QuickTime: (not directly supported, but works with proper settings enabled in ATVFiles or Sapphire)

3.0.x Compatibility

0.8.2 Supports AppleTV 0S 3.0 to a limited extent, still some bugs to flatten.

Working: mplayer, downloads, most installers (installing webkit causes infinite startup loop) network, weather, rss

3.0.x Issues

There is an elusive crashing bug that happens every so often when exiting a movie (in single file, recent file and playlists alike)

Extended QuickTime control (volume, audio/sub selection) don't work

Smart Installer

As of version 0.4.0 you may need the "recovery.dmg" file in the Documents folder when running the Smart Installer (in addition to the 10.4.9 Intel update mentioned) for NitoTV Smart Installer to properly enable AFP and other services. More to come on this.... --BonesSK 02:54, 9 April 2008 (CEST)

If you have an AppleTV that was 1.0 out of the box you can generate this image on your own to the proper location by doing the following

sudo mount -uw /
sudo touch /.readwrite
cd ~/Documents
sudo dd if=/dev/disk0s2 of=recovery.dmg bs=1m

the mount -uw and /.readwrite steps aren't necessary if you have already performed them in the past. additional important information on the Smart Installer can be read at the 1.x wiki NitoTV#Smart_Installer

Package Installer

Packages can be installed through the smart installer OR the package installer section.

In 7.2 we added the tbz install option to nitoTV. If you place .tar.bz2 files in ~/Documents/Packages (will need to create the folder manually) And run the Smart Installer it will install the packages. An important note, if you are making these tbz files manually make CERTAIN that you have paths intact of where the files need to go. For instance a listing of ntfs-35.root.tar.bz2 provides the listing below

tar -j -t -f ntfs-35.root.tar.bz2 

Many useful packages are included in the open source darwin iso
NOTE: a free Apple Developer account is required to download anything from

List_of_Darwin_files is a comprehensive list of all the packages that can be found on that particular image. It is also possible (with the proper steps) to create your own tbz files to install with atvPwn or nitoTV, for instance i have a package that will install the IRKeyboardEmu.kext in addition to some other important files that i run in the smart installer (this particular package will only work in the smart installer because atvPwn will ignore anything going into /mnt or /Users) with the listing below.

tar -j -t -f MyPackage.tar.bz2 

Users/frontrow/Library/Application Support/
Users/frontrow/Library/Application Support/nito/
Users/frontrow/Library/Application Support/nito/mounts.plist

to create this package the following command was used while in the folder that has Users,System,usr, etc..)

tar cpj --exclude .DS_Store -f MyPackage.tar.bz2 System Users usr

important: make sure to run these commands as sudo if you need to preserve and special permissions or owners


There are two "sections" in the Network facade. Bonjour mounts and custom mounts.

Bonjour Mounts

Anything above the line are computers that have been discovered via bonjour (mac users, think the "Network" section in the sidebar) These will all have "afpovertcp" to the right of them. Selecting play/pause on these items will prompt with a login type dialog, here is where you choose whether or not you have a registered account or a guest account. You must have guest access enabled on the computer for guest to work here. (NOTE: There will not be any GUI warning or error if guest access fails, you will simply be taken back to the root network facade) Upon choosing registered user you will get a prompt to put in your login then password. Upon proper authentication information you will be directed to a Volumes listing.

This is very important, in the Volumes listing you have two options, you can press play/pause to mount the volume (but no information will be saved) OR you can press > and get the mount facade. Here you MUST choose save before mounting, if you choose mount and you don't save you will lose this mount information. You may choose to turn on automounting if you desire (this will take care of mounting at startup) in addition you can choose whether or not use custom paths.

Regardless of Bonjour Mount or Custom Mount, keep your computer name, username and password to letters and numbers - NO special Characters i.e. *-,.$%# etc etc If you have anything like that in the areas mentioned you will likely get a mount error.

Change Local Time

There is a nice linux tutorial on how to change the local time to the proper value so Time in Title is correct:


Finally got around to remembering to add localization strings (pushing out a new 0.7.3 with the file included) to anyone who would like to localize nitoTV the strings are available here feel free to message me string files on the forum and they will be included in subsequent releases.

Known Issues

The Leopard release (which is essentially the same release, just different packaging) is not compatible with Snow Leopard and will crash, the fix is on the to-do list. No known estimate for release or fix.

Snow Leopard Update: I have taken a stab at getting nitoTV to work in Snow Leopard and it doesn't look good, both MPlayer and QuickTime fail at playback giving me "9/23/09 1:05:26 AM[29451] CoreAnimation: rendering error 501" future does not look good for Snow Leopard support.

POD and emulators don't work in full take 2. This is a problem with missing AppleScript components. The following are all missing and i THINK they are all necessary to restore scripting functionality.


NOTE: These MUST be grabbed from ATV OS 1.x or an Intel Mac running 10.4.x! Leopard files will NOT work.

With a properly made recovery image these files can be reinstalled from more recent smart installers.

TV Composite Bug

For version 0.74, the composite tv extension installer will always download the 480i NTSC version even if 576i PAL is selected. This has been remedied in NitoTV 0.75

Bad Kerberos Framework

Follow the directions at this link to fix

notorious culprits for bad Kerberos:,, iClarified guides.


To maximize performance we still recommend 2.1 to get the best usage out of nitoTV. We have whittled down some of the issues for 2.2 and 2.3, such as the screen release issues and some memory management issues, however the following functionality is still missing for 2.2 and 2.3 (and may not ever be reimplemented)

QuickTime playback: no keymaps, volume, audio/sub toggling, on screen display.


During playback you can toggle between keymaps for the controller by pressing and holding menu.

The current keymaps are as follows (during playback)

(NOTE: this only applies to mplayer playback)

These commands can be changed by editing the controls.plist file in ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/nito/ - in the frontrow folder - not the system folder --BonesSK 00:44, 8 April 2008 (CEST)--BonesSK

keymap 1:

left : rewind 10 seconds
right : fast forward 10 seconds
hold left : previous item in the playlist (if applicable)
hold right : next item in the playlist (if applicable)
up : increase volume
down : decrease volume
play/pause : play or pause

keymap 2:

left : rewind 60 seconds
right : fast forward 60 seconds
hold left : rewind 600 seconds
hold right : fast forward 600 seconds
up : move a subtitle up
down : move a subtitle down
play/pause : toggle on screen display

keymap 3:

left : sub_delay -0.1
right : sub_delay +0.1
hold left :sub_select
hold right : switch_audio
up : audio_delay +0.100
down : audio_delay -0.100
play/pause : show file name

Log Locations

To help troubleshoot problems with crashing or any other undesirable behavior here is an easy reference for location of logs to send to us to help troubleshoot:

Crashreporter log: /Users/frontrow/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/CrashReporter.log
Console log: /Library/Logs/Console/501/console.log
Smart Installer Log: /Users/frontrow/Documents/nitoInstall.log

you can private message or pastebin the logs and post them at hackint0sh and the awkwardtv forums.

Special Thanks

Scott Davilla
Graham Booker
Brandon Holland
Eric Steil III
Jim Dovey (aka Alan Quatermain)
mplayer team
ffmpeg team
Richard Bannister

Future Plans

Meta Scraping
Revamped weather 2
QuickTime volume, sub and audio toggling passed 2.1


nitoTV Copyright © 2007-2010 nito llc. All rights reserved.

SSE3 emulator copyright 2007-2010 by Mike Byrne (

Portions Copyright (c) 2007-2010 Alan Quatermain

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to use the Software without restriction for personal use, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


nitoTV may not be distributed, in whole or in part, in any form (including dynamic downloading), whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, without explicit written permission

Donations are very appreciated and will insure this projects future.