Mount a Remote Drive via SSHFS

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This is useful as sshfs can provide access to large files! Ripped DVD playback!

Install sshfs for Darwin (Mac OS X)

Then mount the remote drive to a directory on your AppleTV:

 mount_sshfs Username@Host:/path/to/drive/ /Users/frontrow/Movies/media/

Installing straight onto the Apple TV

 hdiutil mount sshfs-2.5.1.dmg
  • Extract the sshfs pax file:
 cd /Volumes/sshfs/sshfs-2.5.1.pkg/Contents/
 cp Archive.pax.gz /tmp
 cd /tmp
 gunzip Archive.pax
 mkdir sshfs
 cd sshfs
 pax -r < ../Archive.pax
  • Copy the files to where they should be
 cd Applications
 cp -r sshfs /Applications/
 cd ../Library
 cp -r StartupItems /Library
  • Load the kext with
 kextload /Library/StartupItems/urdfs/urdfs.kext
  • Symlink mount_sshfs into sbin with
 ln -s /Applications/sshfs/bin/mount_sshfs /usr/sbin
  • Mount away!