Mount a Remote Drive from AirPort Extreme

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It would seem that it is not possible to mount via AFP the disc (with mount_afp afp://appletv:password@ ~frontrow/NAS for example)

And not either with Samba...

Anyone can do something to mount the disk ?

This worked for me:
mount_afp -i afp://foo:<diskpassword>@<airportname>.local/<diskname> /Users/frontrow/afp
(the username doesn't matter)

I used:
mkdir ~frontrow/Movies/external
mount_afp afp://whatever:<diskpassword>@<airportname>/<diskname>/<path> ~frontrow/Movies/external ---> This way ATVFiles can see it...
Only problem is that ATVFiles see the / of the mounted drive (it does not use the <path> as intended). This is somehow annoying because I have lots of things in the airport extreme disk and have to browse to find the movies... any ideas?

-- Who has write this ?

Yes, use an symlink.

For example:

  • mount your airport disk on /mnt/airdisk
  • create a dir in ~frontrow
 mkdir ~frontrow/files
  • make the first symlink:
ln -s /mnt/airdisk/the/path/to/your/movies/directory ~frontrow/files/airport
  • make the second symlink
ln -s ~frontrow/Movies ~frontrow/files/local
  • modify the root path of the ATVFiles plugin by
defaults write net.ericiii.ATVFiles RootDirectory ~frontrow/files

--Galphanet 09:41, 25 June 2007 (CEST)