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This is a list of means by which you can make Apple TV work with Miro.


Miro via "iTunes on Windows/Mac"

Since Miro (formerly Democracy Player), similarly to iTunes, uses RSS subscriptions to download videos (e.g., vlogs, YouTube videos, etc.), it is likely that you can get Apple TV to sync to your Miro library on your PC's hard drive and wirelessly stream videos to the TV.

This guy stated that he created an Automator action that added any new videos in his Miro libraries to iTunes, which could then be synced to the AppleTV stream. Unfortunately, he didn't specify or publish any details.

Also, no word on if one can navigate the Miro Guide on Apple TV through a webUI.

Miro via "MythTV on ATV"

If you have MythTV installed on your Apple TV already, MythTV can (theoretically) automatically detect new videos added to any specified folder(s) on your hard drive (that is, if MythTV can use ATV's wireless detection capability); so downloaded Miro videos can be synced to MythTV.

Also, very unlikely that MythTV can use Miro Guide to subscribe to video feeds through a remote.


From this forum post and the Firefox guide.

Miro uses Quicktime/Perian to play video/audio, and has a built-in RSS receiver and Broadcatching client.


  • Running Miro and Front Row simultaneously is a pain.
  • Library scanning issues.