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The Media Library file (in /mnt/Media/Media Library) is similar to iTunesDB on the iPod. The path to the actual media files are relative to /mnt/Media/Media Files/

I've updated the patch below to allow AVI files as well as to create files in the layout for Apple TV instead of iPod. The patch is available at (now includes avi metadata support, requires mplayer, and adds the ability to create hardlinks instead of copying files).

Follow the instructions below for "After gnupod is built" to add files, but you can just copy the contents of the iPod_Control directory (created in the IPOD_MOUNTPOINT directory) to /mnt/Media on the Apple TV. Restarting Finder (Front Row) on the Apple TV is still necessary.

Original patches

Patch for gnupod ( to output the correct path as well as a stub for handling .mov (for reference files) (also note that this makes it not work for real ipods):

--- gnupod-orig/src/ext/    2006-09-27 02:52:23.000000000 -0700
    gnupod-0.99.1/src/ext/  2007-03-24 16:48:43.000000000 -0700
@@ -73,6  73,20 @@
   elsif(!-r $file) {
    warn " Can't read '$file'\n";
   elsif($file =~ /mov$/){
   my %rh = ();
 # just some bogus data
   $rh{bitrate}  = 20;
   $rh{filesize} = (-s $file);
   $rh{srate}    = 5;
   $rh{time}     = 20;
   $rh{fdesc}    = "Quicktime Video File";
   $rh{title}    = "Unknown vdeo Title";
   $rh{album} =   "Unknown Album";
   $rh{artist} =    "Unknown Artist";
   $rh{mediatype}  = MEDIATYPE_VIDEO;
        return (\%rh, {ftyp=>"MOV", format=>"mov"});
   elsif(my $nnat  = __is_NonNative($file,$flags,$con)) { #Handle non-native formats
    return($nnat->{ref}, {ftyp=>$nnat->{codec}}, $nnat->{encoder});
diff -ur gnupod-orig/src/ext/ gnupod-0.99.1/src/ext/
--- gnupod-orig/src/ext/    2006-02-03 12:47:24.000000000 -0800
    gnupod-0.99.1/src/ext/  2007-03-24 16:48:53.000000000 -0700
@@ -121,6  121,8 @@
 #Convert /'s to :'s
 $ipath =~ tr/\//:/;
 # for appletv
 return ($ipath, $path);

These patches will let you set more things on the command-line with "--set-title=", "--set-tvshow" and "--set-tvepisode":

--- gnupod-orig/src/   2006-03-22 12:05:24.000000000 -0700
    gnupod-0.99.1/src/ 2007-03-25 04:29:47.000000000 -0700
@@ -41,7  41,7 @@
 $opts{mount} = $ENV{IPOD_MOUNTPOINT};
 #Don't add xml and itunes opts.. we *NEED* the mount opt to be set..
 GetOptions(\%opts, "version", "help|h", "mount|m=s", "decode=s", "restore|r", "duplicate|d", "disable-v2", "disable-v1",
-                   "set-artist=s", "set-album=s", "set-genre=s", "set-rating=i", "set-playcount=i",
                    "set-artist=s", "set-album=s", "set-genre=s", "set-rating=i", "set-playcount=i", "set-title=s", "set-tvshow=s", "set-tvepisode=s",
                    "set-songnum", "playlist|p=s", "reencode|e=i");
 GNUpod::FooBar::GetConfig(\%opts, {'decode'=>'s', mount=>'s', duplicate=>'b',
                                    'disable-v1'=>'b', 'disable-v2'=>'b', 'set-songnum'=>'b'},
@@ -138,6  138,11 @@
                $fh->{genre}       = $opts{'set-genre'}       if $opts{'set-genre'};
                $fh->{rating}      = $opts{'set-rating'}      if $opts{'set-rating'};
                $fh->{playcount}   = $opts{'set-playcount'}   if $opts{'set-playcount'};
                $fh->{title}       = $opts{'set-title'}       if $opts{'set-title'};
                $fh->{tvshow}      = $opts{'set-tvshow'}      if $opts{'set-tvshow'};
                $fh->{artist}      = $opts{'set-tvshow'}      if $opts{'set-tvshow'};
                $fh->{mediatype}   = 0x40                     if $opts{'set-tvshow'};
                $fh->{tvepisode}   = $opts{'set-tvepisode'}   if $opts{'set-tvepisode'};
                $fh->{songnum}     = 1 $addcount              if $opts{'set-songnum'};
                #Set the addtime to unixtime(now) MACTIME (the iPod uses mactime)
--- gnupod-orig/src/ext/    2006-09-27 02:52:23.000000000 -0700
    gnupod-0.99.1/src/ext/  2007-03-25 03:46:25.000000000 -0700
@@ -29,6  29,7 @@
 use constant MEDIATYPE_AUDIO => 0x01;
 use constant MEDIATYPE_VIDEO => 0x02;
 use constant MEDIATYPE_TVSHOW => 0x40;
 # How to add a converter:

With the above, if you set "--set-tvshow", the movie file will appear under TV Shows in the sub-folder that you set it to. You can then use "--set-title" to set the episode name. FYI: even though I put --set-tvepisode in there, it may produce odd results!

After gnupod is built:

  • mkdir MediaNew
  • export IPOD_MOUNTPOINT=`pwd`/MediaNew
  • <whatever>

Copy these files to the appletv:

  • iPod_Control/Music/* -> /mnt/Media/Media Files/*
  • iPod_Control/iTunes/iTunesDB -> /mnt/Media/Media Library

You'll need to restart Finder/Front Row on the appletv to get it to reread the db


  • Set the proper bitrate, time, etc. for mov/avi