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MLC - For Any iOS device from iOS 7-12 that can run Mobile Legends
Current Version: 1.0-16

Release date: Jul 7th, 2019
Current as of: Jul 7th, 2019

Use MFI controllers with Mobile Legends.

This project is Copyright © 2018-2019 nito llc. All Rights Reserved.

Written By: Kevin Bradley

Change Log

1.0-1 2019 6 7

  • Initial release for iOS


1. Add source in Cydia or Sileo
2. Install MLC (com.nito.mlc)
3. Pair your MFI controller to your iOS device (yes this works with nControl)
4. Profit

You know it is successfully activated when your first button press on your MFI controller yields the following screen:


If this is NOT the case, make sure to quit and re-open the game at least once after installation of the tweak.

Customizing Controls

Tap the menu button, TWO FINGER double tap the screen or press your controllers equivalent of select / start simultaneously to bring up these views:


Known Issues

Only tested on 6s+

Important Note

This only adds support for MFI controllers, this does NOT add support for PS4 / XBox One, etc, controllers. If you want to support those controllers you need to purchase NControl as well. (Hey at least pesc is free AND open source!)


Available here

Donations are very appreciated and will insure this projects future.