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NitoTV adds a menu of its own to the AppleTV.

It also provides the ability to install several things to the AppleTV. It is a handy way to enable USB on the machine.


In order to install nitoTV, you will need:

The combo update will be downloaded by the installer if you don't get it yourself.


Copy the nitoTV installer and the Mac OS X 10.4.9 Intel combo update dmg to the AppleTV in the directory:


Login as root on the AppleTV and:

cd /Users/frontrow/Documents/
cd "nitoTV Take Three"/
cd ..
rm -R "nitoTV Take Three"

Smart installer

Smart installer is launched from the menu:

NitoTV -> Settings -> Install Software -> Smart Installer

This installs several items on the machine, including support for:

  • USB
  • AFP