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tvOS Jailbreak FAQ

I've decided to put together a general tvOS jailbreak FAQ since I've been answering a lot of the same questions. I apologize for any weird / bad formatting. My wiki editing skills leave something to be desired.

1: Why jailbreak?

AirMagic, DalesDeadBug, NControl, Breezy and TVControlCenter (13+ only) are some of biggest reasons to jailbreak an AppleTV right now.

This question used to not have too many answers, that has changed in the very recent past, and continues to change on a daily basis!!

Breezy is something I've put a lot of time into and am very excited about, it enables bi-directional AirDrop support on tvOS. This enables AirDropping video files to Ethereal & VLC, ROM/BIOS to Provenance & RetroArch, photo files to AirPhoto, IPA files to ReProvisionTV & DEB files to nitoTV!! More info available here: AirDrop_Central

An increasing amount of stuff is available every day for tvOS jailbreaks, we have multiple talented users jumping into the fray @sparkdev_ and @iKilledAppl3 are among two who have joined in the fray, and @Joshblah555 continues to put out interesting work for tvOS as well and his repo JTV has been added as a default now as well!

SnowBoardTV (theming for tvOS, is now finally a reality, it works beautifully on 12.x and is still a WIP for 13. Fun stuff like HarlemShakeTV (among other cool ideas) have been introduced as well.

2: What versions can i jailbreak?

On the 4th generation AppleTV you can jailbreak: 10.2.2 -> 11.1 using backr00m or 11.0-11.4.1 using electraTV or 12.0-12.4 with chimeraTV, or 12.4->13.3 with checkra1n On the 4K AppleTV you can jailbreak 11.0-11.1 using backr00m or 11.0-11.4.1 using electraTV or 12.0-12.4 with chimeraTV, or 12.4->13.3 with checkra1n (requires breakout cable from @littlesteve right now)

3: Do i have to re-sign every 7 days with free account?

Yes, but fortunately you should not need to reboot as often, or get as many kernel panics as we used to get in 10.1->10.2.2 with greeng0blin, also ReProvisionTV is a reality on tvOS now and works on 11-13x

4: Is it / ETA untethered?

There is an untether vuln floating around, I don't know if anyone is working on implementing it.

5: Can i upgrade to 13.x?, and how?

Safely Upgrading

6: When ETA ext3nder / ReProvision?

ReProvision has been ported to tvOS finally, still so fresh I haven't even made a page for it yet, check the nitoTV featured section for the latest version.

7: How do i install ipas on 4K?

I don't have any personal experience here, So i will have to defer to some other pre-existing tutorials:

Jailbreak tvOS using electra

8: Can i downgrade 4K?

Nope, no USB port == no way to downgrade. Maybe someday someone will discover a way around this, but I HIGHLY doubt it. No USB is the main reason I recommend buying the 4th generation instead. (this could change with advent of breakout cables and such being released into the wild, stay tuned here)

9: Can i checkra1n 4K

Yes it is possible to run checkra1n on the 4K AppleTV but it currently requires hardware modification to get the device in DFU.

9: Are there other repos I can add?