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current version: 0.4
release date: December 20th, 2010
author: Brandon Holland


a VNC server for AppleTV 2G. Now available in nitoTV featured section!

Change Log

0.4 Added keyboard injection and support for settings bundle.

0.3 Added IOSurface support (enables transparencies and animations when plugged in to HDMI)

0.2 Key navigation support (same as frontrow keys) arrow keys = up, down, left, right. Return = Play, Esc = Menu.

0.1 Initial Release

Install Package Instructions

ssh root@apple-tv.local
apt-get update
apt-get install


killall -9 Lowtide


killall -9 AppleTV

Screen Shots

Screen one

Known Issues

Plugging in to HDMI while Chicken of VNC is still running can cause bizarre coloring issues, closing the connection and re-opening in the VNC client should fix it.

Working Clients

Chicken of the VNC

Currently Unsupported Clients

Mac OS X Screen Sharing
Apple Remote Desktop