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Couch Surfer is a native web browser written using the WebKit rendering engine and provides a rich web experience on the AppleTV. You can scroll through and interact with web pages, save and load bookmarks, and even enter URL's using an on-screen keyboard!

Brought to you by FireCore, LLC

Lite vs. Pro

Couch Surfer Pro (included with aTV Flash) provides a number of extra features not available in the Lite version.

  • iPhone/iPad Remote app integration
  • USB mouse/keyboard support
  • Multi-language support
  • Smart scrolling
  • Privacy mode
  • Fast rendering
  • Technical support


Couch Surfer Lite is currently compatible with the 1st gen AppleTV (version 3.0 - 3.0.2)

You can install Couch Surfer Lite on your SSH enabled Apple TV by following the steps below.

  • Download the latest Couch Surfer AppleTV Plugin here
  • Transfer it to the AppleTV vis SFTP
  • Navigate to the place you'v copied it to:
cd /Users/frontrow/
  • Extract it:
tar -xvpf CouchSurfer-Lite3x.tar
  • Move the extracted plugin to the proper place
sudo mv CouchSurfer.frappliance /System/Library/CoreServices/
  • Make sure it has the correct ownerships
sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/CoreServices/
  • Restart the Finder (or the AppleTV entirely)
kill `ps ax | grep | grep -v grep | sed -e 's/[[:blank:]]*//' | sed -e 's/[[:blank:]].*//'`


After installation, you will have the new item Couch Surfer in the Front Row main menu.

SubMenus in version 2.2 are:

  • Enter address
  • Google Search
  • Bookmarks (based on /Users//frontrow/Library/Application\ Support/CouchSurfer/Bookmarks.plist)
  • History
  • Settings : Show Header, Header Position
  • About

Usage with the Remote is very intuitive.

Once a page is loaded you are in "Navigation Mode" and can use the up and down direction circle on the Apple Remote to scroll though the page. Pressing and holding either the up or down direction on the remote initiates a smooth scrolling motion. Pressing the forward or back direction buttons will navigate through your browsing history. The Menu button on the apple remote brings up the Couch Surfer info menu and has options to set bookmarks and return to the main couch surfer menu. "Manipulation Mode" is used when you need to interact with a web page such a following links or controlling flash interfaces. To enter this mode simply press the Play/Pause button on the remote. (You will notice the arrows on the right side of the screen disappear.) An arrow will appear in the middle of the screen and can be moved around using the direction circle buttons on the apple remote just like a mouse. To click a link in Manipulation Mode just press the Play/Pause button again. This can also be used to click buttons in flash movies like YouTube to stop or adjust volume. To exit Manipulation mode press the Menu button on the apple remote once. You will notice the arrows re-appear on the right side of the screen indicating you are back in Navigation Mode and want to scroll the page up or down and go back and forth in your browsing history.


Copyright 2008-2011 FireCore, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

By downloading, installing or otherwise using Couch Surfer, you hereby agree to the Couch Surfer EULA.