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A guide to getting the Citrix ICA client installed on the Apple TV, and connecting to a Citrix web interface published by means of Citrix Secure Gateway (HTTPS)



Citrix Client

Download and unzip the latest Citrix client for MacOS and copy it to the AppleTV. I keep all my downloaded AppleTV programs in /Users/frontrow/Documents folder, so from now on that is used when referencing downloaded programs and certificates.
SSH into the AppleTV and issue the following commands

sudo mount / -uw
sudo hdiutil mount ~/Documents/MacICA_OSX_Intel.dmg
sudo installer -pkg /Volumes/Citrix\ ICA\ Client/ICA\ Client.pkg -target "/"

That completes the initial installation of the Citrix client, however in case you CSG uses a private certificate (or just a certificate issued by a CA not trusted by the AppleTV) it needs to be placed in the following folder /Applications/Citrix ICA Client/keystore/cacerts, so go ahead and create those.

sudo mkdir /Applications/Citrix\ ICA\ Client/keystore
sudo mkdir /Applications/Citrix\ ICA\ Client/keystore/cacerts


Getting hold of the correct root certificate depends on the computer usually used to access the webinterface. For Mac users I would recommend following this guide Exporting Root Certificates for the ICA Client for Macintosh on OS X 10.4 Tiger.
Using Internet Explorer you do the following

  1. Press Tools - Internet Options
  2. Select the Content pane
  3. Select Certificates
  4. Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities
  5. Select the relevant root CA and press Export
  6. Export it as DER encoded Binary X.509 (.CER)

However method you used to get hold of the root certificate now it is time to save it to the AppleTV

sudo cp ~/Documents/Name of Certificate.cer /Applications/Citrix\ ICA\ Client/keystore/cacerts


For some odd reason Citrix decided to remove the encryption libraries from the IntelMac client, but still references them in ~/Library/Prefrences/Citrix ICA Client/Modules.
To get around it remove the following lines from the Modules file

RC5 (128 bit - Login Only)=EncRC5
RC5 (40 bit)=EncRC5
RC5 (56 bit)=EncRC5
RC5 (128 bit)=EncRC5

So it reads



To run simply start Firefox from the Applications Menu, and navigate to the citrix web interface, and log in as usual. Start an application and when the "Download or Run" dialog comes up, select to Run and select the Citrix ICA Client as the program to use. Also make sure to select this to be the default action for ICA files.
If the correct certificate is installed the application should run.


Enabling the mouse pointer can be a real killer. I found it a lot easier to do it with VNC. This requires you to enable Remote Desktop. Through VNC you will have mouse pointer and it's no big deal to make the right selections in MouseLocator.

This is written from Internet Explorer through my published desktop :-)