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This page elaborates my endeavors to create an SDK like, ready to use environment for developing AppleTV appliances. For the moment this stuff here is compatible (I mean, I tested it) with firmware 2.3 and 2.4 and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

by ronnyf - August 2009


You could download the (almost) ready to deploy (sort of) SDK from here. The only thing you need is an official AppleTV firmware package - problematically, only 2.4 is available from the Apple servers. I have not tested this with 2.4 but with 2.3 - just to mention it. It should be fine with 2.4 but it is NOT YET TESTED WITH FIRMWARE 2.4.

Enough said, here are the instructions:

XCode 3.1+ should be installed (including the 10.4 stuff)

  1. mount AppleTV firmware 2.3 (2Z694-5660-029.dmg)
  2. extract in any directory of your liking

a directory BRSDK will magically appear and in this directory, you will find

  1. an install script (one of my first ones, so if you have comments about the efficiency, I would be very glad to hear from you
  2. the private headers for 2.3 (thanks to Bgan1982) - I just re-packaged them
  3. an XCode template for an AppleTV appliance, created and working with XCode 3.1.3

execute the script as super user ("sudo -s" helps a lot)

  1. alternatively, you can copy, symlink, and extract the files by yourself

That's it, that's all. Now you should have a nice template and a working AppleTV appliance. If you have any comments, suggestions for improvement or just something on your mind; just drop me a line: ronnyf.atv (a+t) Good luck and happy coding.

PS: Thanks to Alan Quatermain and Brandon Holland for their excellent work on this topic.

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