AppleTV OS 3.0.2

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Apple TV 3.0: Update to Apple TV 3.0.2 see 9To5Mac


Apple TV Software update 3.0.2 includes fixes for Genius playlists, MobileMe gallery photos, iTunes U content, Internet Radio, and other media-related features. The update also includes performance and connectivity fixes for Apple TV.


USB / Watchdog Patch Available via nitoTV's Smart Installer. I haven't updated nitoTV yet, but the online USB section has been updated so 3.0.2 can be patched without delay.--Nito 05:59, 11 February 2010 (CET)

Developer Notes

Gesture remoteActions have shifted up again.

TouchBegin = 30, TouchMove, TouchEnd, SwipeLeft, SwipeRight, SwipeUp, SwipeDown,

rather than starting at 29.

Other Notes

dmg name: 2Z694-6013-013.dmg
download location: