AppleTV OS 3.0.1

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Apple TV 3.0: Update to Apple TV 3.0.1 or later to prevent content from temporarily disappearing until re-synced see apple support mac rumors TUAW


Not sure if much else has changed from 3.0, other than the bug fix :-)


AppleTV 3.0.1 has handshaking issues with 1080i. Set resolution to 1080i, unplug HDMI, plug back in and no picture (HDCP). -- Samtheman.

Developer Notes

No developer notes just yet.

Other Notes

dmg name: 2Z694-6004-003.dmg
md5: 5e9b5092489d9a774c7feda300e5a36e
download location:


I used the 3.0.1 DMG as the basis for a patchstick - ATV-USB-Creator 1.0b10 Mac - but it would not boot under 3.0.1. My 3.0 patchstick did work, however. Anyone else have this issue? [Maelgwn]

3.0.1 DMG patchstick, created with ATV-USB-Creator 1.0b10 Mac worked for me, but I had issues with XBMC Launcher until I realized I needed to use beta3:

scp frontrow@appletv.local:/Users/frontrow
ssh frontrow@appletv.local
chmod +x ; ./

Upgrade to XBMC 9.11 alpha and Boxee aplha using the new Launcher (unless you are already there); do NOT upgrade the Launcher to 3.1 as the script hacking above already has you at newer version.