AppleTV OS 2.3

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Released Nov. 19, 2008


  • Can act as a AirTunes source to other AirPort Express or AppleTV connected speakers - AppleInsider
  • Can use 3rd party remotes - AppleInsider
  • Ability to adjust volume in the music section - AppleInsider
  • Mixed format playlists - AppleInsider
  • Up key twice gives movie info in video playback.


You can install Boxee again! Here's how.

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Developer Notes

BRQTKitVideoPlayer setMedia:inCollection:error: has been removed replaced with setMediaAtIndex:inTrackList:error:
BRDisplayManager releaseAllDisplaysUsingFade removed
BRDisplayManager fadeOutDisplay/fadeInDisplay removed
BRDisplayManager resetFadeInTimer removed

Other Notes

dmg name: 2Z694-5573-24.dmg
md5: 7d429c45b5c324cc5ef553d82f8f2c56

Important Notes

There is an IR update included, safe update for testing / development from 2.x to 2.3 will result in the remote control not working, if 2.3 doesn't offer features that are important to you, refrain updating