AppleTV OS 2.1

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Released on July 10, 2008, 87 days after 2.0.2.


  • Changed .Mac to MobileMe (MacRumors)
  • iPhone/iPod Touch remote capabilities (MacRumors)
  • improved photo browsing, with thumbnails (MacRumors forum)
  • Added "Wishlist" to Movie Rentals
  • Movies currently only available for purchase now displays date when available for rent.
  • Trailers view has changed to big thumbnails of movie posters (macrumors forum)
  • The 'Clear' button has been added to the onscreen keyboard (macrumors forum)
  • Streaming of photos from mobileme and from iPhoto on your mac (macrumors forum)
  • The music album list now has album artwork thumbnails (macrumors forum)
  • Internet Radio Playlists are working again (macrumors forum)


Plugins Compatible with 2.1

  • NitoTV 0.4.8 [1]
  • ATVFiles 1.1.1 [2]
  • Sapphire b6.3 [3]
  • Couch Surfer 0.4 [4]
  • MediaCloud 0.1.2 [5]
  • iScripts 1.2.2

Questions & Answers

  • Does Patchstick still work?
    • Patchstick works
  • Will this undo my custom apps?
    • Yes, it will definitely undo any Finder plug-ins, not sure about the Applications directory, but I can confirm that it empties out the /Library/QuickTime/ directory
  • Will it mess with files inside the frontrow directory?
    • Your "frontrow" directory (~/) will be left intact.
  • Ruin my samba server and take away my external USB hard drive?
    • Yes it will break Samba, as well as SSHD. You'll need to Patchstick again to get SSH working. AFP server works after NitoTV 0.4.8 installation.
  • Do network mounts still work?
    • AFP mounts and Samba mounts work after NitoTV 0.4.8 installation.
  • What custom apps will work after being re-installed?
    • nitoTV works :) --Nito 09:28, 12 July 2008 (CEST)
    • Home MediaCloud installs safely (version >=0.1.2) but crashes the Finder when you attempt to browse directories
    • ATVFiles has been reported as still working but has issue displaying folder images which causes Finder to crash.
      • Playing movies with AC3 passthrough seems to crash Finder for me as well --Rekoil 12:22, 14 July 2008 (CEST)
        • Edit: AC3 Passthrough Appears to be working now with ATVFiles 1.1.1.
    • iClarified USB Patch (built using 2.0.2) confirmed working in 2.1
    • CouchSurfer crashes with Quicktime and Flash plugins (tried
  • Is it now possible to select the track / language to play for files with multiple audio tracks (Handbrake)?
    • As yet unanswered

Developer Notes

  • RUIPreferenceManager is gone, there is a new BRPreferences-FRExtensions that is probably some type of replacement
  • the BackRow framework now has two new frameworks inside, BackRowFoundation.framework and BackRowHardware.framework. Some classes have been moved around like screen release and AC3 control
  • BRMediaPreviewControllerFactory has been replaced with BRMediaPreviewControlFactory

Other Info

dmg name: 2Z694-5485-1.dmg
md5: 2783d7c2b27d8364bac3bde9de9d5287

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