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Automatic Generation of XML metadata for ATVFiles

This application (based on AppleScript, PHP and mplayer) will traverse any given directory and search for movies. It will then make the XML files for ATVFiles, download subtitles and create a screenshot for series or download the cover for movies.

For movies, AppleTVdataMaker can either look at acutal file name, or you can have all movies in clean folders with as name the movie title (and if wanted the year between brackets), e.g. "Spider-Man 3 (2007)". To quickly scan the movies directory, just select the movies tab in appleTVdataMaker and select your movies directory, then click on "Start".

For series, AppleTVdataMaker will look at the actual file names. It can discern season and episode numbers for most used systems. To start scanning the series directory, just select the series tab in appleTVdataMaker and select the "mother" directory, then click on "Start". In my setup this one is called "Series" and contains a directory per series, in which is a directory per season containing all files.

Download Source available from the same page in an easy downloadable .zip file (as I never found out how to really use svn).


This program runs on your Apple. Just download and click to run. First time you use it, be sure to check the "Preferences" tab and set preferences as wanted.

If your movies are stored on your ATV, you need an ATV with AFP enabled. Use Finder's "connect to server" option to mount your ATV movies folder.

Or if your appleTV is SSH-enabled, you can use MacFusion to mount the appleTV as a disc on your Mac.

Known Issues / Wishlist

  • Does not support the downloading of subtitles if movies are all in one folder

Source Code

Source code is available on the google code repository. See above (download section)


If you like this app, feel free to donate to the ATVFiles project... I make this program just for myself, so I do not deserve any donations :)

Version History

Version 2008-05-23: Fixed the imdb plot download error after imdb slightly and silently changed their website layout. Sorry for the delay in this one.

Version 2008-05-16: Added 2 suggestions from the issue reporting on the google code pages: support for the "m4v" file extensions and support for <imdbnr>.ext as filenames. (e.g. tt0123456.avi or 0123456.avi)

Version 2008-05-12: Only one new feature as far as I remember... The program can now build a real ajax/web2.0 website of your movie database. Series are not (yet) included. Just go to the Movie Tools tab, select the folder with your movies and click on "Create quick website". The program will ask for a destination folder and will build a complete website for you. Not tested with the "all movies in one folder" setup. Online source code not yet updated.

Version 2008-04-26: After a long week of no updates, I managed to find some time to finish a new beta version. New in this version is (per popular request in the only feedback I got, from drag0n) an option to have all movies together in 1 directory. This does not support the downloading of subtitles yet in this setup, nor will it be possible to do the "create genre/rating/year directory" step. In the next version I am thinking to build in a tool to "sort" your movies directory, in which it could create the folders per movie and put all corresponding files in it.