Airport Card in MacBook Pro or intel MacMini

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If you have a non-Core-Duo MacBook Pro and would like WiFi N support, the Airport card in the AppleTV fits perfectly in the MacBook Pro.

I'm seeing reception improvements as well, but haven't tested the N capabilities yet.

Note: The Airport card from the MacBook Pro does fit into the AppleTV, but will need some kext patching. Assume that you will be losing WiFi capability if you do this swap. For me, this wasn't a problem, as I am using Ethernet for my AppleTV.

the card should also fit in MacMinis that are intel based. The main stumbling block towards 802.11n usage is that you'll need a second antenna. So that will have to be improvised or also taken out of the aTV, which may require disassembling the aTV more than usual... see also: [1] [2] The latter makes the aTV look like a good buy for people who consider a MacMini 802.11n upgrade... rcfa