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AirMagic - For AppleTV 4G Take 4
Current Version: 1.0-3

Release date: July 21st, 2018
Current as of: July 21st, 2018

AirMagic is a mobile substrate plugin that runs a basic webserver to receive and relay IOHIDEvents for remote control and text entry on AppleTV 4.

This appliance is Copyright © 2016 nito llc. All Rights Reserved.

Change Log

1.0-3 2018 07 26

  • Updated for support in new jailbreakd based jailbreaks and also updated to support versions passed 9.0 for the first time!

1.0 2016 04 08

  • Initial Release, Basic support for left, right, up, down, menu, play, select and text entry.

Install Instructions

1. NitoTV_Take_4#Install_Instructions

2. Install AirMagic from featured list

3. nitoTV-> Settings -> Respring (if it doesn't work after this, try reboot instead)

Additional Notes

If you have not changed your hostname http://apple-tv.local:3073 from any web browser on any device on the same network as your AppleTV should take you to a web control page.

There are also native iOS, Mac applications and Alpha Windows client available to control AirMagic server, i you don't want to install these applications and cannot get connections to work i recommend Bonjour Browser, there you can search for _airmagic._tcp. to get the host name or IP address for the AppleTV (and to verify the airmagic server is working properly)

API Information

Due to the fact AirMagic is just a basic web server, pretty much anything that can send HTTP requests can be a client for AIrMagic. In this current incarnation there are only 3 base commands that do anything for AirMagic at the moment.


accepts any of the following. ie http://apple-tv.local/remoteCommand=left

selectH (like clicking and holding main remote selection button)


send a percent encoding escaped string to enter it into any visible text field.

ie http://apple-tv.local/enterText=search

will put the string "search" in any visible text field.

Client Downloads

If you are jailbroken you an add the nitosoft beta repo: to custom sources Cydia and then install com.nito.airmagicclient

Source Code

The source code for the Mac and iOS clients will be on github shortly.


Donations are very appreciated and will insure this projects future.