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This is just some examples of the ATVFiles XML metadata format. I claim no accuracy of the data in the examples.

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XML Format

It's pretty simple, here's the complete sample from the README showing all possible tags:

 <media type="TV Show">
   <summary>Summary of Media</summary>
   <description>Description of Media</description>
   <seriesName>Veronica Mars</seriesName>
   <broadcaster>The CW</broadcaster>
     <genre primary="true">Mystery</genre>
     <name>Kristen Bell</name>
     <name>Rob Thomas</name>
     <name>Rob Thomas</name>

The "type" attribute on the media tag can be one of the following values: "TV Show", "Song", "Music Video", "Podcast", "Movie", and "Audio Book". The default value is "Movie".

That attribute determines the information shown on the left-hand side of the screen.

The duration tag will bypass the normal QuickTime-based scanning for file duration. It is specified in seconds.

Most of the other tags should be self explainatory. The primary attribute on the genre tag sets the "primary" genre, which is the one shown in the metadata.

Example Files



 <media type="Movie">
   <description>Ron Burgundy (Ferrell) is the top-rated anchorman in San Diego
     in the '70s. When feminism marches into the newsroom in the form of ambitious
     newswoman Veronica Corningstone (Applegate), Ron is willing to play along at
     first-as long as Veronica stays in her place, covering cat fashion shows, cooking,
     and other "female" interests. But when Veronica refuses to settle for being eye
     candy and steps behind the news desk, it's more than a battle between two perfectly
     coiffed anchor-persons... it's war.</description>
     <genre primary="true">Comedy</genre>
     <name>Will Ferrel</name>
     <name>Christina Applegate</name>
     <name>Paul Rudd</name>
     <name>Steve Carell</name>
     <name>David Koechner</name>
     <name>Fred Willard</name>
     <name>Chris Parnell</name>
     <name>Kathryn Hahn</name>
     <name>Fred Armison</name>
     <name>Seth Rogen</name>
     <name>Paul F. Tompkins</name>
     <name>Adam McKay</name>
     <name>Judd Apatow</name>
     <name>David Householter</name>
     <name>Shauna Robertson</name>
     <name>David O. Russel</name>

The following genres are supported for Movies:

Comedy, Action & Adventure, Classics, Documentary, Drama, Horror, Independet, Kids & Family, Musik, Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Short Films, Holiday, Western, Sports, Urban,

TV Show


 <media type="TV Show">
   <title>The Pros and Cons of Upsetting the Applecart</title>
   <artist>October Road</artist>
   <summary>The Pros and Cons of Upsetting the Applecart</summary>
     Nick decides to stay in Knights Ridge and tries to convince dean Leslie Etwood
     to give him a job at the local college, but things keep getting in his way. In
     a way to get back at Nick for leaving years ago, Eddie pursues Aubrey. Ikey isn't
     pleased to see Alison and Owen on an annual date. Hannah is mad at Nick after
     realizing The Commander came in the Veterinary Care with a silly excuse, only
     to find out if Sam is Nick's son or not.
   <copyright>Copyright © 2007 ABC Television</copyright>
   <seriesName>October Road</seriesName>
     <genre primary="true">Drama</genre>
     <name>Bryan Greenberg</name>
     <name>Laura Prepon</name>
     <name>Tom Berenger</name>
     <name>Warren Christie</name>
     <name>Odette Yustman</name>
     <name>Mary Beth Basile</name>
     <name>Paul Rabwin</name>
     <name>Gary Fleder</name>

The following genres are supported for TV-Shows:

Classic, Drama, Sports, Teen, Reality TV, Nonfiction, Kids, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Comedy.



 <media type="Song">
 	<artist>Mandy Moore</artist>
 	<description>Wild Hope</description>
 		<genre primary="true">Pop</genre>

Third Party Assistance

  • MediaGrabber - A PHP based script to assist in not only XML data but cover art as well.

(dead link, does anyone have this file so it can be hosted again?)

  • AppleTV Datamaker Mac OS X based application to generate metadata and cover art for ATVFiles, open source.
  • ATVFiles Movie/TV Categorization Script - A Perl script that takes a video file of a Movie or TV show and attempt to download information about such file and put the information into the ATVFiles XML Metadata.