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  • Jailbroken AppleTV with latest nitoTV installed
  • Mac with Xcode Installed
  • dpkg (install via homebrew if you don't have it)
  • a tvOS app

Example Project where iv'e used this exact script + process

Step 1 Open Terminal.app in /Applications/Utilities

Step 2 'cd' to your project directory

cd ~/Projects/TheProject

Step 3 Make your folder paths

mkdir -p layout/DEBIAN

Step 4 Create a control file and put it inside layout/DEBIAN

Step 5 If you are preparing this application for a release on a repo add postinst inside layout/DEBIAN

Step 6 Download this file into your current directory

curl -O https://nitosoft.com/ATV4/xcode/package_v.sh

Step 7 Open your Xcode project or workspace file as applicable and select the project name at the top of the side bar and then your desired tvOS specific target it should look something like (minus the build script) build_script.png

Step 8 Hit the + above target dependencies and choose New Run Script Phase


Step 9 Copy and paste this script into the code area in the new Run Script build phase

Step 10 Make any modifications you need to said script, maybe ATV_DEVICE_IP line needs an actual IP address instead of apple-tv.local

Step 11 Make sure you have some kind of codesigning credentials set up, don't worry, this is just so Xcode doesnt complain when you build, everything is re-signed inside the script with ldid

Step 12 Select Generic tvOS Device as your target


Step 13 Build and hope that when all is said and done you have a deb in your root project folder AND installed on the apple-tv address you specified in my script.