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Safari HD is a native web browser for the Apple TV written using the WebKit rendering engine. You can scroll through web pages and even interact with them! It also supports web plugins like flash and any other plugin supported by Safari.

Written by Brandon Holland If you like it, please think about donating.

Compatible with ATV 1.x and 2.0


Installation Instructions

Download the installer from SafariHD

To install it, you will need to copy the SafariHD folder to your AppleTV. You can copy it to the home folder of the 'frontrow' user if you wish, although its location doesn't really matter.

Next, you need to open an SSH connection to your AppleTV, like so:

ssh -1 frontrow@<your_appletv_address>

When prompted for a password, enter 'frontrow'.

Now go to the directory where you placed this folder on your AppleTV and type the following command:

sudo ./installsafari

When prompted for a password, enter 'frontrow' again.

If you get any errors about installsafari not existing try

chmod +x installsafari

and run again

Edit the file Bookmarks.plist and add any bookmarks you want, then move it to the directory /Users/frontrow/Documents/Bookmarks.plist