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Revision as of 15:19, 3 March 2008 by Simplicity (talk | contribs) (Why'd you remove the part about downgrading 1.1 to 1.0?)
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Just wanted to be the first to say "thanks" for the Beginner's Guide. I won't be needing it, but the detail and descriptions appear accurate and easy to follow. It will certainly be of great benefit for those just entering the ATv world. So, thanks for your hard work and great documentation of the process. When you're all finished, don't forget to make the page easily accessible from the front page. Just let me know if you need a hand with anything (though it appears as if your earlier hesitation was unnecessary, as the formatting looks good). XPRimNT 14:57, 6 November 2007 (CET)

Why'd you remove the part about downgrading 1.1 to 1.0?

Seriously, why? Do you really expect more people to already know how to do that if they're reading ***the beginners guide***? --Underburn 01:10, 3 March 2008 (CET)

Of course not. I do think though that downgrading to 1.0 is a tricky process - and almost certainly in breach of Apple's T&C. You have to get a 1.0 copy - and you cannot get that legally. That would mean taking someone else's or going to a torrent. Further, if you try to do it and fail, you are almost certainly going to end up with a brick that you cannot restore. I think, therefore, that it's not a case of the beginner knowing how to do it already, but, rather, that a beginner should not attempt it and it's not legal.

--Simplicity 23:19, 3 March 2008 (CET)