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I would appreciate if you would not just change the licensing info of our applications. Patchstickbuilder has been solely developped by us without any reference to ATVUSB Creator. If you want to fiddle around with licenses, do it with your stuff !

You cannot relicense code you do not own.

I can see parts that are derived for other projects. Your license is restricting the usage of these parts to the point of violating their own license. If all of the code was your own, then your license would stand, but the fact remains it is not.

WE OWN all the code for Patchstickbuilder - how can you know what source code we used? How can you assume we used ATVUSBCreator? Please stop changing info on this wiki, that we provided !

You don't own all the code

Simply download your patchstickbuilder archive. Look at the contents. That archive contains code that is licensed under the GPL, LPGL, and APSL code. You do not own this code. Furthermore, you were attempting to restrict the usage of GPL licensed code, which is something you cannot do as spelled out quite clearly in the license.