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You said on another page that you had some code to activate the keyboard in ATV.... If possible could you deposit it somewhere? I'm still trying to learn the ins & outs of plugin design and structure but I'm sure at some point that code could come in handy... :)



Dave - it should be something like this....My Cocoa skills ain't that great yet. But I did manage to get the TextEntry item to appear. However the problem I ran into was navigating the letters. I could move my selection left and right, but couldn't move down to the next row of letters. Mind you I didn't try very hard with the code. I was just experimenting with various controls.

#import "MyMenuController.h"

@implementation MyMenuController : BRMenuController

-(id)initWithScene:(id)scene {
	[super initWithScene:scene];
	[self setListTitle:@"Utilities"];
	[self setApplianceIcon:[NSImage imageNamed:@"ApplianceIcon.png"]];

	BRTextEntryControl *textentry = [[[BRTextEntryControl alloc] initWithScene:scene] autorelease];
	[textentry setInitialText:@"Initial Text Goes Here"];

	id item = [BRTextMenuItemLayer menuItemWithScene:scene];
	[item setTitle:@"Text Entry"];
	[item addControl:textentry];

	[[self list] addObject:item];
	return self;


College - thanks a bunch! Not that my cocoa skills are anything (rudimentary at best) but if I do stumble on something I'll make sure I post it here. Dave