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== Prerequisites ==
* Apple TV
* Macintosh (Tiger or Leopard) with [http://abyssoft.com/software/teleport/ Teleport] installed
* [[Install_System_Preferences | System Preferences]] installed on the Apple TV
* Enable the [[How_To_%27Enable%27_Mouse_Cursor/Pointer_on_the_AppleTV|Mouse Pointer]] on your AppleTV
== Introduction ==
[http://abyssoft.com/software/teleport/ Teleport] lets you use your Mac's mouse and keyboard to control several other Macs. Simply reach an edge of your screen, and your keyboard/mouse teleports to your nearby Mac (or Apple TV).
== Why Teleport? ==
* I got tired of plugging in/out my external drive with my bluetooth USB keyboard/mouse.
* I also don't have a USB hub to connect multiple USB devices.
* I am always on my Macbook so thought it would be nice to just control it from one keyboard/mouse.
* It's a little lighter than VNC.
The application that I have used Teleport with is Firefox.  Now you are probably asking why not use Firefox on your Macbook?  Well, I have my Apple TV hooked up to my HDTV so now I can stream videos threw Firefox.
'''Note''': I have not tried Teleport with any other application so I will assume that you will be using it with Firefox.
== Pre-notes ==
Teleport is not to be used by the impatient and or ones that cannot trouble shoot.
== Installation ==
Download [http://abyssoft.com/software/teleport/ Teleport] and extract the zip file to your Mac desktop.
Once you have done the former procedure
  copy the file teleport.prefPane to ~/Library/PreferencePanes/
== Enable Teleport via System Preferences ==
For the initial setup you will need to plug-in a USB keyboard/mouse and enable [[How_To_%27Enable%27_Mouse_Cursor/Pointer_on_the_AppleTV|Mouse Pointer]].
Open up Teleport via System Preferences on your Apple TV. (See [http://abyssoft.com/software/teleport/ Teleport] for screen shots)
Enable the box <tt>"Share this Mac"</tt>
Enable the box <tt>"Activate teleport"</tt>
Now on your Mac open up Teleport via System Preferences
Enable the box <tt>"Activate teleport"</tt>
Once you enable Teleport on your Mac you should see a desktop screen labeled <tt>Apple TV</tt>. (See [http://abyssoft.com/software/teleport/ Teleport] for screen shots)
Take the Apple TV desktop and drag it to the right of your desktop icon
This will arrange how you will share your Apple TV with your Mac. If you mess-up just right click on the Apple TV desktop and delete the paring.
Once you arrange the desktops you should see a request on your Apple TV asking if you would like to share it with your Mac.
Click Ok
Next unplug the USB keyboard/mouse from your Apple TV.
Now you are ready to control your Apple TV by dragging your mouse to the edge of your screen and "teleporting" to it.
== Quiting an application while using Teleport  ==
When I use Firefox and Teleport the easiest way to quit is by selecting the Firefox drop down menu and then clicking Quit. This gives me a second to move my mouse left and teleport back to my Mac.
'''Warnning''' :
The Teleport process does not stop running even if you quit an application.  So this will trap your keyboard/mouse on your Apple TV.  Furthermore, you cannot control the main Apple TV menu screen with it because there is no keyboard/mouse functionality implemented.
If this happens just use your Apple TV remote and re-open the application that you where using. This should release the keyboard/mouse back to your Mac.
'''Note''' :
Sometimes when I re-open Firefox it does NOT fully open yet it does release my keyboard/mouse back to my Mac. If this happens just manually kill the Firefox process using ssh.
== Footnotes ==
Setup "Switching" key on your Mac. This will prevent you from accidentally teleporting to your Apple TV.
Good luck!

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