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Boot Keys

So Cmd-S at boot results in single mode user boot.

Does Option at boot allow one to choose drives to boot from, including an external USB disc with Mac OS on it ?

No Netbooting?

Does holding down the 'N' key at boot try to start a network boot? If so that might provide a way to bootstrap the box with ssh without removing the hard drive. -- Apparently it doesn't

Mac OS 10.4.7 Comparison

I have a minimal install of 10.4.7 for my Mac mini (Intel) on my internal drive, called 'Bootcamp Master'. This is because I boot from a FireWire drive, but Bootcamp will only install on an internal drive (and Bootcamp is required to be installed to allow Parallels to use the Windows partition).

The partition has the minimal install from the DVD's which shipped with the machine, and has not been updated. The only application installed is Bootcamp. --Jason 20:36, 29 March 2007 (CEST)