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A few suggestions for mounting Windows shares with NFS.

If you want to setup your Windows box with a very lightweight NFS server, try winnfsd.exe. It can be found here: Downside - it only exposes a single nfs share.

I've needed the -2 and -T flags. The -2 reverts to NFS v2, while the -T forces TCP. I was experiencing slow response and hangs without the -T flag.

My mount statement looks like this: sudo mount_nfs -2 -T ~/Movies/server

Anyone have any suggestions for sharing an external HD over NFS using NFS Manager on OSX?

I've noticed that if you add the mount command to the rc.local, if it can't access the server on boot (happened with mine when moving the network around) then it will hang on boot. Essentially this means that if you suddenly don't have access to the server for whatever reason, you can't boot your ATV. Any better ideas of how to mount the share (/etc/fstab isn't used on ATV). I thought 'ping -q -c 1 host && mount ...' but is there a better way? Agentgonzo 15:40, 6 December 2007 (CET)