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These instructions, taken from forum posts, do not work for me. Seeing how I compiled them, I'm pretty sure they're either inaccurate or incomplete (or both). When attempting to ssh, I get ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host. If anyone would be so kind as to fix these instructions so they work, it'd be appreciated.

Also, I changed Tyler's wording to make it more clear. Unless there's good reason (like what I changed is inaccurate), don't paste his instructions verbatim from his forum post. Keep it clear when the the user needs to put stuff in the OSBoot partition (as opposed to your own drive) to cut down on questions later (unless you're saying he means to actually put stuff in your Mac's /System folder). Like I said these instructions don't work for me, so if that's what I'm doing wrong, someone should specify that you install these scripts on your own machine. Otherwise, leave in /Volumes/OSBoot

Are the first three steps necessary? I installed sshd following the later steps and skipping the first 3, and was still able to ssh into the appletv.

The first three steps are used to "delete" every firewall rules: maybe the firewall on the AppleTV is off by default. --Dincio 20:34, 25 March 2007 (CEST)