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I'm noticing the same problems that I had with the Applcations Menu for ATV 1.1. Hiding the finder doesn't always work. When running a program (MythFrontend in my case), the TV will snap to black and then fade back to the ATV menu, rather than the black background with the Apple Logo that it should when loading up a program. The program will load and the remote commands will be passed to it, but finder's on top (you can't move the buttons as the commands go to Myth). The same happens if I hit the show/hide button. The screen goes black and then fades immediately back to the finder menu, but you can't control it. I have to do this a number of times until it shows the apple logo correctly before I try to run the program.

Agentgonzo 13:55, 24 June 2008 (CEST)


I've created a script that dynamically generates scripts in the ~Documents/Scripts folder for Iscript. The purpose of those generated scripts are to archive my movies when I am done watching them.

For example, a cron job runs and generates a script called in ~Documents/Scripts. The content of the script is the following:

#!/bin/bash mv /Users/frontrow/Movies/Deadmoo/2008_06_05_Wieners.DVD /Users/frontrow/Movies/archive/ & rm /Users/frontrow/Documents/Scripts/

The problem is when I run ARCHIVE-Wieners.DVD from the AppleTV iscripts menu the system appears to hangs (possibly because it is running the mv command which takes a long time. The remote control commands are being sent to the running script until it is done executing). How can I create a script which will run in the background and return my controls immediately to the appletv? I added the '&' at the end of the 'mv' command which runs the command in the background and completes the script. It works well when run from ssh on the command line, but hangs when run from the iscript menu.

BTW, thanks for the nice plugin. Here's a very simple script I created to display disk space left on the device.

#!/bin/bash df -h | grep disk0s4 | awk '{print $4" disk space left."}

It would actually be very easy if it's fire and forget you want. That is actually the way the original iscripts worked. If you want i can bring that back

Carbonneau, June 19th

That's exactly what I want. It would be great to have that option in the .plist Any way to hack around this in the current release?