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Wouldn't this require opening your Apple TV to get the required images?

Since there are reports of Linux booting, it shouldn't be tricky to make a fully legal Linux-based USB disk image that will boot up, mount the internal HD, dump its contents to the USB drive, and blink the LEDs a bit to let you know it's safe to power down again, completely automated with some shell scripts (so, no need for keyboard or video drivers). Then you have the images you need, with no naughty downloading-off-the-internets.

I'd like to see a disk image that does that, and also, after backing up the internal drive, remounts it read/write and enables SSH. Then you're ready to boot up as normal; one-stop no-hassle AppleTV ssh-injector. --Canis 23:26, 27 March 2007 (CEST)

Edited the article to clean up a few things and make the references to the Recovery partition and recovery.img image consistent with other articles, instead of repair.img. I ran through the steps, using my own original disk image of my Apple TV, and created a boot disk on a USB memory stick. I'll try this later tonight when I get home, on a virgin Apple TV.

Unfortunately I was not able to get this to work, it restored to and from the internal hd. I enabled verbose booting but did not get much farther. Also played with the rd= boot argument. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. --phoem

Should be possible to boot from a USB drive with SSH and ASR installed and do a command-line restore. --Jonathan 03:59, 28 March 2007 (CEST)

Just a guess here, and I preface this by saying that I do not have an Apple TV so I can't try this but I do have extensive experience with *nix, based on the fact that you can boot into single-user mode wouldn't it be a trivial thing to do this using the command line and an external USB HD? Trite 20:11, 28 March 2007 (CEST)